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J Glasgow Managing Director, Principal Facility Management 7700 Forsyth Boulevard, 9th Floor, St. Louis, MO 63105 C 314.574.7062 F 314.862.1648 J.Glasgow@cassidyturley.com

Cassidy Turley Northern California


Associate Name Associate Title Service Line 1234 Address City, ST 12345 D 000.000.0000 M 000.000.0000 C 000.000.0000 F 000.000.0000 j.sample@ctbt.com www.ctbt.com CA License 00000000

Comfor table. Ef ficient. Productive.

Cassidy Turley Northern California

Facilities Management Solutions for Your Portfolio

What Are Managed Services?

Energy & Sustainability • Applying green processes and sustainable design for construction and operations practices throughout the building life-cycle • Energy consulting, management and operational practices to improve efficiencies and reduce costs • Designing unique and effective associate engagement and participation programs to encourage sustainability efforts Building Services • Welcoming, safe and productive workplace environments • Managing all building-related service functions and overall associate experience • Managing the entire facility management spend, while optimizing service levels Reporting & Planning • Detailed, customized reporting enables a strategic approach to managing your facilities • Improved financial transparency yields greater cost control and risk mitigation • Short and long term operational and capital planning designed to avoid unforeseen expenditure and preserve asset life Critical Environments • Process-driven approach with a focus on reliability, risk mitigation and safety • Improved system performance and reliability ensuring business continuity • Procedures and detailed change management programs for consistent results and reduced risk of downtime Projects & Workplace • Workplace optimization and associate moves/ adds/ changes • Project management, construction and budgeting • Furniture, fixtures and equipment management and property assets

Roof & Structure

Energy Efficiency

Conference/Audio Visual

Projects & Construction

Repairs & Maintenance

Workplace Optimization

Critical Environments


Furniture & Equipment

Environmental Health & Safety

Facility Administration

Life-Cycle Planning


Utilities Management

Reprographics/Mail Room


Waste & Recycling

Grounds Management


Security/Building Access

2 | Cassidy Turley

Driving Solutions Through Facility Services

An Energizing and Efficient Workspace Enabling employees to focus on core business objectives A Strategy that Reduces and Controlls Costs Driving significant operational savings through informed financial management

In Their Words

“Cassidy Turley is an integral part of the Hanesbrands organization, their ability to interface seamlessly and professionally with our diverse business units makes our partnership a suc- cessful case study in outsourcing.” –– Kevin Dollhopf, VP of World Wide Real Estate Hanesbrands Inc.

A Culture that Optimizes Facility Performance Embracing a collaborative approach aligned to our clients’ goals

Managing your facility through innovative solutions that deliver measurable outcomes in the following areas: Facility & Operational Review Technology Solutions Facility Management Service Center Sustainability Services

Vendor & Contract Management

Project Management

• Centralized FM Service Center supports our clients locations across the country and responds to service requests 24/7 • Variable resources to cost effectively manage and service smaller locations and disperse portfolios • Contract and vendor management leveraged across our 455 million SF of managed property, designed to manage service levels, contract terms and operational metrics

• From full LEED certification assistance to basic sustainability programs, tailored solutions to maximize sustainable opportunities for every type of real estate • Purchasing agreements, energy analysis and recommendation for controls and operational changes to reduce costs, utility rates and

• Facility condition assessments and organizational review designed to identify workloads, procedures and increase value and utilization • Technical operations reviews and development of predictive and preventive maintenance programs • Operational, financial and administrative review and development of recommendations designed to improve overall facility and property efficiency, ensure consistent service levels and mitigate risk exposure

• Nationwide project management and design services capabilities, managing more than 4,000 projects each year • Listening to our clients, understanding their project goals and timelines while increasing quality and reducing costs • Delivering an average of 10-25% savings of the project cost on each assignment

• National sourcing team augmented by regional sourcing subject matter experts • Vendor Management System provides tracking of more than 4,000 vendors and suppliers to ensure consistent quality and risk mitigation through contract and insurance management • Leverage the 455 million square feet of managed property to reduce contract and vendor costs by 15%-30% without compromising service delivery

• Technology solutions to meet your specific requirements and custom designed solution, specifically tailored to meet our client’s needs • Dedicated IT Project Management team for implementation and client integration • Technology solutions that provide meaningful data, ease of use and cost effectiveness

alternate energy sources • Specialists in designing

recycling, reduction, awareness and commuting study programs and fostering motivation for success

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Work Order Management

Through collaboration and integration with the Client team, Cassidy Turley ensures service satisfaction

Repairs satisfactorily completed? i satisf t ri c l t

Expense approved by x e s rov y t Client






Service request submitted

and Cassidy Turley review options, develop


Cassidy Turley Cassidy Turley confirms service completion with Client completion with Client

Lease reviewed to determine maintenance responsibility Lease revie ed t t r i e i ilit

Cassidy Turley requests vendor quotes for repairs

Estimated cost of repair less than $600?

Pricing sent to Pricing sent to Client for approval for approval Client

Whose responsibility is repair?



Service request closed in system


Cassidy Turley S A M P L E Sample Responsibility Matrix r i r uest itt to qualified vendor Cassidy Turley confirms service co pleti it LL / Cassidy Turley c t t L / e r t i Request submitted via online portal? Service request entered into system by Cassidy Turley Cassidy Turley places service call to landlord or PM Landlord No Service request not to exceed $600 Service request submitted to Yes Vendor bid less than $5,000? Service request submitted to 2nd vendor for bid Yes No Cassidy Turley authorizes vendor to provide services Cassidy Turley completion with LLD/vendor Cassidy Turley contacts LLD/ vendor to resolve issue Category Landlord Tenant Lease is Silent Notes Doors X X Par. 13 Par. 13 Electrical Fire/Life Safety X Amend. 1, Par. 7:

Vendor invoice

Coded invoice, and approval sent to


less than $1,000?



CapEX form, coded invoice, and approval sent to Client

Sprinkler System



Par. 13

Cassidy Turley manages all vendors to client-specific service level requirements



Amend. 1, Par. 7



Par. 13

Vendor assesses repair and provides price quote

2nd Vendor assesses repair and submits pricing



Interior Décor


Cassidy Turley drives savings through our database of more than 4,200 local and national service providers including:



Cost of repair less than $600?

Vendor submits pricing for approval

Vendor completes repairs

Vendor completes repairs



Landlord completes repairs

Landlord performs repairs



4 | Cassidy Turley

Customizing Engineering & Maintenance

Service Delivery Model Cassidy Turley self-performs approximately 80% of its facilities management work.

Engineering Services

Online training for core engineering requirements and in-house training for building specific task and procedures.

1. Team Development

Outsource • Janitorial

Combination • HVAC Maintenance • Recycling Management • Painting • General Electric • Preventative Maintenance • Plumbing • Keys & Locks • Copy Center & Mailroom

• Porter Service • Trash Removal

Best-in-class processes and procedures to ensure reliability, efficiency, and expected life cycles for building equipment and systems.

Self-Perform • Handyman Service • Management • Space Planning • Landlord Relations • Help Desk • Furniture Management • Office Supplies Inventory • Emergency Management • Moves, Adds, Changes

2. Preventive Maintenance

• Snow Removal • Hazardous Waste Management • Storm Water Management • IAQ • Water Pollution Control

• Window Cleaning • Pest Extermination • Custodial • Landscaping • Food Services • Security Cards • Movers • Air Emissions Control

• After-Hours Support

• Lobby Reception • Dock Receiving • Ergonomic Programs • Systems Evaluations • Engineering Services • Construction Management

Energy tracking and benchmarking using “Energy Star” and Cassidy Turley’s best practices to reduce energy consumption.

3. Energy Management

4. Environmental Health & Safety

Management of IAQ and hazardous communication with sustainability in mind produces a safe, comfortable work environment.

Management of fire system detection, notification, and sprinkler suppression systems.

5. Fire Life Safety

Establishing Procedures

Attention to detail when maintaining building standards and finishes. This includes the front of the house, back of the house, exterior finishes, and landscaping.

6. Physical Asset

Standard Operating Procedure Manuals are customized, defining protocols, procedures, and expectations to ensure consistent and quality service. SOPs are tailored for each client, and include procedures for the following functions: • Crisis Management • Business Continuity Planning • Life Safety

7. Mechanical Equipment Management

Chilled and condenser water systems management to maintain efficiency and equipment life cycle.

Standard Operating Procedures

• Operational Procedures • Account Management • Performance Management • Reporting • Financial Management • Training

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Transition & Quality Control

A Thoughtful Transition

Since 2010, through our seamless transition process, we successfully on-boarded 136 million square feet of managed property.

Transition & Quality Control Team

Key transition phases and priorities will include: 1. Planning: Form an experienced transition team to address critical functions. Develop an implementation calendar and goals with the client. Reaffirm objectives with regard to timing, communication, and priorities. 2. Relationship Building: Visit the facility and introduce the Cassidy Turley Team to key contacts. Provide communication for the transition and new processes. Meet regularly with key personnel to discuss major initiatives and approaches. 3. Technical Process: Complete facility inspections to gather equipment and property data; input into the technology platform. Setup policies and procedures. 4. Financial Analysis: Review the expenses and budgets if available for each facility. Develop new budgets based on existing information and benchmarking. 5. Transition Status: Ensure the alignment of goals as the transition progresses. Provide progress updates and any major initiatives or savings.

Transition Manager

Project Management



Managing Service, Quality and Value

Human Resources



Cassidy Turley National & Local Resources

1: Analyze Spend

2: Financial Modeling

Detailed Transition Checklist

Transition Communication

Transition Newsletter

3: Define Goals & Desired Outcomes



                                                 




Property Management 

 

      


 

About Cassidy Turley

Quick Facts

          

Transition Newsletter

Our team of professionals is dedicated to consistently delivering solutions that produce superior results and champion Client business goals. We believe in face-to-face relationships and that hands-on problem solving is fundamental. We become your partner and advocate, and are passionate about achieving long-term success on your behalf.

• 455 million square feet of managed space • 60+ offices, 27 national markets • 3,500+ professionals • 28,000 managed Corporate Services locations • Partners with GVA outside of North America • Investor Services, Occupier Services, Practice Groups, and Specialty Services Welcome Team!



 

 A 300 line item transition checklist that includes: • Pre-Transition Planning • Human Resources             

4: Ensure Adherence to Contract Terms

We are pleased to announce that Cassidy Turley has assumed the management responsibilities of Client office locations effective August 1, 2012. To ensure your transition experience is one of team building and success, we will follow several guiding principles to mitigate risk and streamline the transition process. As a first step, we’ve assembled a top-notch transition team to lead us through the process. For the Client transition, the team will be comprised of the following members: • Account Executive – J Glasgow

Facility Transition Checklist





      

Our Core Values Fundamental to our success are our core values – our cornerstone principles. These principles reflect what is most important to us as a firm and are the foundation of our company’s culture. • Exceptional Results for Our Clients • Dedication to Our Communities • Growth for Our Company • Energizing Workplace for Our Associates Corporate Responsibility Cassidy Turley’s dedication to service leads us to make an active commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. We encourage our tenants to join our efforts and urge everyone to take simple steps that can make a difference. We design our policies and business practices to reflect the highest standards of corporate ethics and governance. We are guided by our values and are focused on doing the best we can to better our communities. • Carpet/Flooring • Doors/Locks/Keys/Windows • Electrical • Exterior Repairs & Mainten ce

• Deputy Alliance Executive – Alex Fox • Transition Manager – Chris Barbour • Transition Coordinators – Alicia Riley and Travis Maune • Engineering Transition Manager – Kevin Brady

 

                   


  

    

 • Technology • Accounting • Training • Communication • Process Development • Vendor/Contract Management • Quality & Performance Metrics                      

    

 

The Facility Services Team is dedicated to providing world class facility management services at Client locations 24 hours, 7 days a week. Cassidy Turley is here to assist Client associates with almost any type of facility, oc- cupancy issues, and/or services. Below is a sampling of these services.

5: Streamline Processes

  


                     


     


• Janitorial • Landscaping/Snow Removal • Lighting • Parking Lot/Garage • Plumbing • Security • Telephone/Communications/Media • Vending/Cafeteria • Waste Removal




1515 Arapahoe Street, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80202 T 303-312-4232 • Exterminating • Fire/Life/Safety • Furniture/Move Management • HVAC • Interior Repairs & Maintenance After-Hours Answering Service If an associate has a building maintenance request or an emergency situation outside of normal operating hours, they can reach Cassidy Turley at (800) XXX– XXXX. This number goes directly to a live operator at the designated call center. If the request requires immediate attention, the operator will dispatch the call to a member of the Facility Services Team. All non-emergency work orders or requests will be processed the next business day.




  

6: Benchmark Performance

Transition Timeline




  



 

 

6 | Cassidy Turley

Financial & Operational Reporting

Service Level Agreements

Key Performance Indicators

Using the technology dashboard, standardized and customized reports are developed according to the frequency required. Sample reports include: • Management Plan: Business plan designed to meet your goals and expectations • Monthly & Annual Operational Reports: Month-end and year-end facilities performance


SLA Definition

Target SLA

ƒ ƒ Critical Environment Uptime ƒ ƒ Critical Dates Tracking Success ƒ ƒ Cost Savings Goals Based on a Baseline Budget ƒ ƒ Client Satisfaction Survey Results ƒ ƒ Energy Consumption Goals ƒ ƒ Response Time for Work Order Requests ƒ ƒ Adherence to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Schedules ƒ ƒ Adherence to Change Management Protocols ƒ ƒ Efficiency Ratios ƒ ƒ MBE/WBE Percentage


Work commenced within 4 hours

< 4 hours

Examples: Fire, Safety Issues, Utility Outage, Security Issue, Data Center Outage

• Service request volume • Completion time frames • Projects • Repair items • Maintenance schedule


Work commenced within 12 hours

< 12 hours

Examples: No HVAC, Plumbing Overflow, Electrical Issues


Work commenced within 2 days

< 2 days

• Physical Facility Reports: Routine facility-specific management plans • Capital/Major Project Lists: Provide the status of budgeted projects • Five-year capital/major project list – serves as a long term approach to maintaining the property • Periodic peer inspection reports by other Cassidy Turley managers • Building Occupant Satisfaction Survey: Satisfaction with management • Financial Reports: Monthly and year-to-date results • Financial statements • Management variance reports • Budget plans

Examples: Executive Requirement, Too Hot/Cold, Door Issues


Work scheduled within 5 days

< 5 days

Examples: Light Out, MAC, Carpet, Paint

Quotes obtained and reviewed within 10 days


< 10 days

Examples: Multiple Bids, Larger Project, Equipment Requirement

Monthly Report

Work Orders

Cost Savings Initiatives

Value to Fee TTM -$2.44:1

February Services Summary

Cassidy Turley Invoice Tracking

WorkOrder Comparison

•85%ofworkorderswere completed atOak Summit •6%were completed inNY View



1000 1200 1400 1600




Value toFee


Value toFee TTM-$2.44:1


Expenses February


PortfolioBreakdown SquareFootage

Sample Monthly Report

Projector Invoice Item

Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 TTM

•15%ofworkordersweremoveor furniture related •105preventativemaintenanceworkorderswere completed thismonth;PM closing ratio100% •34%ofNYworkorderswere for lighting

0 200 400 600 800

0 20 40 60 80 100

Actual YTD $1,294,022 ($129,915) ($141,376) ($284,974) 2012OPC 2011Actual

2010 2011 2012


$671 $1,052 $1,098




$732 $1,464




$976 $10,934



Monthlymanagement fee

$18,747 $18,747 $18,747 $18,747 $18,747 $18,475 $18,475 $18,475 $18,475 $18,475 $18,475 $18,475 $223,062

0 5,000,000 10,000,000 15,000,000

9,526,091 7,849,304





WS facilitiesmanagementpayroll

$99,953 $89,694 $88,027 $80,296 $93,707 $93,943 $93,441 $148,111 $94,473 $110,174 $93,323 $92,756 $1,177,899







ExpectedExit FebruaryExpenses

Travel forFacilityManagement

$2,618 $3,813 $6,344

$344 $1,189

$526 $4,303



$1,110 $21,735







Travel for Idle Facilities






12/31/2012 $69,184

Maintenance Supplies EmployeeDevelopment Dues&Subscriptions

$13,676 $15,271 $10,644 $6,905 $3,241 $12,352 $7,096 $5,874

$4,446 $8,354 $2,705 $90,564


February 2012







Aug-11 Fee






May-11 Value

•63%ofworkorderswere reportedby facility services •The closing ratio for Februarywas99%









$3,591 $2,852







*Calculatedas cost savingsdividedbymanagement fee

Phone Service







•February–$2.83:1 •TTM – $2.44:1

CostManagementDistribution February -$2.83:1 Miscellaneous Totals




Value to Fee








$936 $1,888


$136,243 $129,437 $125,508 $110,849 $120,229 $126,490 $125,103 $175,301 $113,863 $135,877 $121,881 $118,357 $1,539,138

MaintenanceHours %byLocation


BradyTrane replacedRTU filters atOS


OakSummit TerraceView

90% 77% 89% 67%

16E34th St 2% 260Madison 4% WorkOrders by Location February -917


NY 7%

CostSavings 13%

W-S (OS,NR,Weeks) TV, , ks)

Completed initial landscapingRFPatOakSummit.Willmaintain TerraceView.

Weeks 8%




Northridge 5%

Top5WorkOrderTypes ThisMonth's

Avg.CompletionTime (Minutes)

•FebruaryCost Savings: $36,579 •Maintenance-$6,945 •Expense Reduction Efforts - $2,709

Completedperformace reviews forFacilityServicesPersonnel


WorkOrders ThisMonth YTD2012


February Initiatives

Weeks 6%

• Management fee expense – $18,475 • Payroll expense – $92,756 • Accounting fees – $976

Began storageunitcleanout inNYreducedby65%



48 20 23 36 47

43 22 25 40 45

47 22 31 48 42

Occupied Unoccupied

Oak Summit 80% View


HVAC (Hot&Cold)


Prepared for: ClientName OfficePopulati n1,928 Therewere11movesduringthemonth YTDchurn r teof1.96% 5Februarymoveswere internal toOakSummit


ReplacementNYmaintenance technician inplace2/15

531NR 3%


207 106 105

OS1 47%

Cost Avoidance 87%

Maintenance completed917workorders inFebruary 85%ofworkorders completedwere forOakSummit Theworkorderclosingratio forFebruary is99% TerraceView

Office Services


•FebruarySavings - $7,845 •FebruaryAvoidance - $28,734


OS2 38%




Scanned27,114pages forCustomerService,HumanResources,

Totalpostageusage forOS&Weekswas$11,168

85badges issued thismonth, monthly2012average is128



736badgesmodified thismonth,monthly 2012average is657 andAccountsPayableduringthemonth

Achieved$690ofsavingsbysendingall firstclassmailpresort

©Copyright 2012CassidyTurley.All rights reserved.

• 2012 OPC –$1,606,567 • 2012 estimate –$1,594,500

64 IXO Incidents reported,monthly2012average is90







Thereare currently391vehicles,3 trailers,1 forkliftand1

Healthfithad1,966participants for themonth;YTDAvg is2,043 InFebruary,12%ofemployees atebreakfastand20%ate

pieceofheavymachinery in theHBIFleet

Healthfitoffered19group fitness classes

lunchonsiteatThreads café OSClothingCarehad128 customers and$3,620 in sales


cassidyturley.com | 7

Critical Environment Management

Data Center Tier Levels

Critical Environment Management provides the necessary support processes and procedures required to achieve the “100% Up-Time” requirements for continual critical system operation. We focus on the reliability and operational integrity of all critical systems. Our mission is to eliminate system failures. Standardized processes and procedures include:

• 99.982% availability • Annual downtime is 1.6 hours • Multiple power and cooling paths • Fault tolerant (N+1) • Able to sustain 72-hour power outage

TIER • 99.671% availability


• Annual downtime is 28.8 hours • Single path of power and cooling • No redundant components



• System reliability & commissioning • Operational sequences by system(s) • System monitoring and response • Proactive, predictive, & preventative maintenance • Associate & facility specific training • Strategic alliances with vendor partners • Inter-group communication procedures • CEM team supervision and support • Staffing processes aligned with critical system operations

• 99.749% availability • Annual downtime is 22.0 hours • Single path of power and cooling • Some redundancy in power and cooling systems

• 99.995% availability • Annual downtime is 0.04 hours • Two independent utility paths





• Fully redundant (2N+1) • Able to sustain 96-hour power outage

Organizational Structure

Proven Results

Edward Jones St. Louis, MO & Tempe, AZ 115,000 SF Data Center 1.9 Million SF Project Size 5,400 UPS (Kva) 9,700 Kw Generator Backup US Bank St. Louis, MO 300,000 SF Processing Center Operates 24/7 1.6 Million SF Project Size 1,000 UPS (Kva) 3,000 Kw Generator Backup

• Directed ISO 9000 Certification for both facilities • Standardized and documented over 300 facility management processes and procedures, industry-best practices and benchmarking, and enacted extensive training and technical staff development programs • 100% up-time over the past 6 years • Manage all infrastructure to ensure 24/7 operations • Developed processes to properly maintain the facility while reducing operating expenses • Maintained 100% up-time • Accomplished zero FDA or Red Cross Audit Team observations relating to facilities • Replaced six roof top air conditioning units while maintaining ab temperature requirements • Vital blood collection and processing continued uninterrupted during Donor Center build outs, carpeting upgrades, and critical systems preventive maintenance

Client Relationship Manager

Facilities Manager

Cassidy Turley Resources • Transition Team • Operations • Project Management • Process Control • Accounting • Engineering Services • 24/7 Call Center

Manager of Technical Operations

American Red Cross Various Locations

Data Center Supervisor

110,000 SF Headquarters 64,108 SF Donor Centers 24,000 SF Warehouse 7,400 SF Call Center Mission Critical Operations

Data Center Technician

8 | Cassidy Turley

Sustainability Services

100+ LEED accredited professionals nationwide delivering integrated, tailored solutions to maximize sustainable opportunities for every class of real estate.

Overseeing more than 17 million sf of LEED certified projects and 25 million sf of ENERGY STAR buildings.

Firmly rooted in cutting edge technologies and best practices throughout the industry.

Scope of Services


Proven Results

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Sustainability Visioning

Energy Procurement Advisory

LEED EB - Platinum

LEED EB - Gold

LEED CI - Certified

Operating Efficiencies Consulting

Beacon Capital Partners & GE Washington, DC Size: 522,000 SF

750 East Pratt Street, LLC Baltimore, MD Size: 364,177 SF Project Highlights: • Developed a robust LEED certification strategy • Reduced annual energy consumption by 42%, increasing the ENERGY STAR score from 26 to 76 in 12 months saving an estimated $705,000 annually • Diverted more than 50% of all ongoing consumables and 100% of all durable goods and electronic waste from the landfill

Hanesbrands, Inc. United States, Latin America, Asia Size: 24 million SF Project Highlights: • First LEED certified project in Bentonville, Arkansas, and the first LEED CI certified project in the state • Lighting design reduced the installed wattage of fixtures by 30% below the baseline standard • Installed solar panels at HBI’s Winston-Salem headquarters, reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide

ENERGY STAR ® Benchmarking

Project Highlights: • First Trophy Office Building to achieve LEED EB-Platinum in DC • 19 month payback for the entire LEED EB process and energy efficiency improvement costs • Purchased Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets to offset 100% of the building’s energy consumption • Achieved ENERGY STAR certification for two consecutive years

Utility Control and Tracking

Employee Participation Programs

Environmental Risk Mitigation

LEED Certification Project Management

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Technology Solution



Function Sample Technology Scorecard Our Technology Solutions Group evaluates Facilities Management technology through the foll wing tools: • Client Technology Assessments provide a collaborative understanding of the current technology capability and a customized solution to achieve strategic goals. 360Facility Corrigo Angus Service Express Facilities Management Scorecard

Service Level Agreement & Key Performance Indicator Engine Dashboard & Reporting Engine

• Increase accountability and service performance. • Detailed tracking of SLA information.

• Graphical display of actionable information.

• Enter and track billable and non-billable work orders through the billing/accounting process. • Since all data is centralized and accessible, reports can be created to identify specific areas that require attention. • Response time is lowered. • Deliver automatic notifications based on a specific request. • Graphic interface to review, assign, and balance tasks among the maintenance team.

Call Center / Service Request Preventative Maintenance Asset Lifecycle Management Warranty & Contract Management Timesheet Management Emergency Notification System Incident Management Mobile Management Project Management Conference Reservations Email Integration / Notifications Fire & Life Safety Request Document Management Tenant Cost Estimate Approvals Online Tenant Handbook Request Workflow Configurability Customer Satisfaction Survey Tenant CRM Security System Integration (bar code printing & data exch.) Sustainability Management Web-based platform Integration Flexibility (Maps, Systems) Reporting (Integr ted & Flexible) Dashboards (Tactical) Configurable Fields Full Support of ACORD Form SAS 70 Type II Audit

• Technology Scorecard enables us to qualify and quantify market technology providers both initially and as they mature. • Customized solution developed according to the requirements of the client organization and implemented to satisfy optimization of business processes. Cassidy Turley supports multiple toolsets and determines the best suited technology platform for our clients’ long-term needs.

Track Labor Costs, Material Costs and Comment History

Notification Engine

Work Planning

Project Management

• Capture all the elements of a project in one place

• Real-time updates and notification, increasing efficiencies.

Wireless & Mobile Solutions

Dashboard Reporting

Detailed Service Level Tracking & Reporting

Asset Tracking & Task Scheduling Actual listing of an asset and upcoming schedules and a link to the asset history

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Project Management

Integrated Project Management Managing all details of your project from design to close out Reducing and Controlling Costs Leveraging our national platform and managed approach that drives significant project savings

Recent Projects

A Culture Designed to Optimize Project Performance Collaborative approach aligned to our clients requirements

Capital One Headquarters McLean, VA 1.5 M SF & 2.5 M SF

RGA St. Louis, MO 400,000 SF

Yahoo! Headquarters Campus Sunnyvale, CA 1 M SF

Managing the entire project lifecycle:

Vendor & Contract Management

Design Development


Managing the Project

Project Close Out

Managing Your Move

• Perform punch list inspections at completion of the project and ensure follow-up to address all items. • Confirm all close out documents are prepared and submitted by the contractor to include warranties, operations manuals, as-built drawings, invoices, etc. • Review the lease and provide package for submittal

• Manage the project through the entire lifecycle, delivering an average 15-25% savings of the project cost. • Perform a facility review and prepare a project summary, schedule, and target budget for all line items necessary to accomplish the project objectives. • Technology platform enables project managers develop process schedules, automated

• In-house design teams develop designs and space standards for each client. • Coordinate design activities with the client and other functional areas, such as IT, HR, furniture vendors, etc. • Develop design standards and processes into a project management guidebook to ensure consistency of services and results across project types.

• National sourcing team augmented by regional sourcing subject matter experts. • Vendor Management System provides tracking of more than 4,000 vendors, contractors and suppliers to ensure consistent quality and risk mitigation through contract and insurance management. • Leverage our national platform to reduce contract and vendor costs by 15%-30% without compromising service delivery.

• End to end coordination of Moves/Adds/Changes and full integration of services within departments to ensure a smooth transition. • Tasks include floor plan configurations, furniture/cubicle acquisition, coordinating box moves, technology set ups, and AutoCAD floor plan revisions. • Provide space programming, forecasting, stacking and planning scenarios, occupancy/ vacancy review, financial review.

• As the single point of accountability, our teams work with clients to ensure the appropriate local resources are selected for the requirements. • Serve as the client’s representative, inspecting and managing projects. • Communicate status updates, goals, budgets, etc. regularly through client meetings and reporting.

and collection of Tenant Improvement allowance.

correspondence, and standardized forms.

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Generating Value


Estimated PSF Savings Examples

Innovative Savings for Our Clients $400,800 In annual furniture expense reduction through a new reallocation program 9% Annualized snow removal savings by implementing a new client-approved scope of services with the vendor $112,100 In annual mailroom savings through re- engineered processes 12% Energy savings realized by installing motion sensors and LED lights and aligning operation with hours of occupancy $181,700 Annual energy savings attained through new energy management strategies and curtailment agreements 5% Annual savings from purchasing rubber mat service to protect the floor, thus prolonging the life of the floor and minimizing floor refurbishment costs $25,200 Yearly storage savings created through vendor management strategies

Review maintenance responsibility language; push back on landlords

Lease Responsibilities


Review terms and adjust service level agreements

Contract Management


Leverage national relationships and standardize pricing



Bid out goods and services to obtain best pricing

Bidding of Goods & Services


Review current contracts and service level agreements



Streamline process

Records Retention


Review capital expenses and multiple bid projects

Capital Expenses


Compare CAM reconciliations and invoices to service agreements and leases to verify charges

Operating Expenses



Facility issue tracking to aid strategic portfolio management

Delivery Model/Reporting


Review services offered and costs

Vending Services


Perform electric rate analysis

Electrical Utility


Review repair and maintenance program

Parking Lots


Review contract coverage and services rendered



Multiple bid services and review existing contracts

Landscaping/Snow Removal


Utilize national vendor for service



Install programmable thermostats and establish temperature set points

Building Operations


Install low-flow water fixtures



Utilize existing systems to full capabilities

Building Automation System


Proper work to extend life of equipment



Establish a PM program to extend equipment lifecycle

Preventive Maintenance


Utilize exterior lighting at appropriate times and install automatic lights where applicable



Review current contracts and service level agreements

Pest Control


Track and review warranties

Equipment Warranties


Review facilities management staffing and staff appropriately


Total Opportunity

$1.26 - $6.10

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Cassidy Turley Overview

Global Coverage

Cassidy Turley is a national team of commercial real estate professionals with a proven track record of delivering superior results for our clients. We are dedicated to consistently providing solutions that are creative, cost-effective and responsive to our clients’ specific real estate needs, while supporting overall business performance. We are a trusted partner and advocate, supporting our clients’ long-term success by leveraging industry insight, world-class expertise and local market knowledge to provide commercial real estate investors and occupiers with comprehensive services around the globe. • 60 offices • 3,700 professionals • 900 brokers • 455 million sf managed portfolio • 28,000 managed Corporate Services locations • $57 million average savings delivered for Corporate Services clients over the past 2 years • $22 billion in transaction volume in 2011




Cassidy Turley Locations Cassidy Turley Client Locations GVA Locations






Representative Clients

Rexel Holdings USA

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Global Services & Capabilities

Providing the Depth of Resources and Breadth of Expertise to Drive Measurable Value

Strategic Consulting

Transaction Management • Market Research • Site Selection • Capital Markets/Sale Leasebacks • Acquisition and Leasing • Dispositions and Subleasing • Contract Negotiations and Strategy

Project Management • Program Management • New Construction • Tenant Improvements • Moves, Adds, and Changes • Capital Projects • Sustainability Consulting

Facilities Management • Facilities Management • Property Management • Supply Chain/Vendor Management • Critical Data Centers • Maintenance and Engineering • Facilities Audit and Assessment • Energy and Sustainability Programs • 430 million SF under management • Managing annual total spend of $3.4 billion • Processing more than 3 million work orders annually

Portfolio Administration • Lease Administration • Lease Abstracts • Accounting and Financial Reporting • Lease Audit and Reconciliation • Payables Management • Asset Tracking • CAM Reconciliations • 23,170 leases in database • 315,000 invoices paid monthly • More than 50 Lease Administrators • Delivering more than $6 million in annualized savings

• Portfolio Optimization • Portfolio and Location Strategies • Economic Incentives • Labor and Demographics • Econometric Forecasting • GAAP and Financial Advisory • Workplace Strategies • 45 U.S. Consultants and Research Analysts • US Labor and Economic Incentives in 48 States

• 14,900 leases in 2010 • 1,500 sales in 2010 • $17 billion in transaction value • 940 brokers in U.S.

• 250 major projects, 3,600 minor projects underway • $500 million total project cost • Average savings of 5 to 10% of project costs

Graybar • Assessment of one key market within client’s national portfolio, plus corporate properties identified annualized savings opportunities in excess of $1.9 million • Projected savings across entire portfolio equate to $22.7M, or a reduction in cost of occupancy of nearly 20%

Edward Jones • Manage a portfolio of 11,000 locations, including corporate headquarters campus, data centers, and retail branch offices • Opened 10,000 new locations in 16+ years • Renew 1,200 to 1,900 leases annually;

Centene • 17-floor, 550,000 SF corporate headquarters project • 972-car garage • LEED Certified • Delivered $2.5 million in total project savings

Hanesbrands, Inc. • On-site management of 30 million SF total portfolio • Headquarter savings > $1.00/SF in 18 months • Developed and implemented sustainability program

Siemens • Portfolio administration for more than 760 locations and 34.5 million square feet • Delivered more than $5 million in portfolio savings • Maintained 100% success rate in all Key Performance Indicator areas

have completed more than 14,000 renewals over life of partnership

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Successful Partnerships

Client Tenure Partnership since 1997 Locations United States & Canada Real Estate Type Corporate Headquarters, Branch Offices, and Data Centers Portfolio Portfolio Scale 12,000 Locations 14.6 Million SF Cassidy Turley Service

Client Tenure Partnership since 1974 Locations United States Real Estate Type Corporate Headquarters, Administrative Office, and Data Center Portfolio Portfolio Scale 1.4 Million SF Regional Administrative Properties Cassidy Turley Service • Facilities & Property Management • Transaction Management • Project Management

Client Tenure Partnership since 2006 Locations United States, Latin America, Asia, & EMEA Real Estate Type Office, Industrial, and Manufacturing Portfolio Portfolio Scale 1.4 Million SF Corporate Headquarters 15 Million SF US & International Locations Cassidy Turley Services • Facilities Management • Portfolio Administration • Transaction Management • Sustainability Consulting • Project Management Client Reference Kevin Dollhopf Vice President of Worldwide Real Estate kevin.dollhopf@hanesbrands.com Real Results • Savings of more than $1 per square foot in operational costs within 18 months by streamlining processes and developing accurate service level agreements. • Infused a LEAN process improvement approach to facility operation. • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 pounds through two solar projects designed for the internal use of power that allows for resale of excess power to the local utility company.

Client Tenure Partnership since 1999 Locations United States Real Estate Type Corporate Headquarters, Retail, and

Client Tenure Partnership since 2005 Locations United States & International Locations Real Estate Type Regional Headquarters and Sales Offices Portfolio Cassidy Turley Services • Facilities Management • Portfolio Administration • Transaction Management • Project & Sustainability Management Client Reference Catherine Hays Director of Workplace Resources catherine.hays@netapp.com Portfolio Scale 150 Locations 2.2 Million SF Real Results • Successfully completed the rebranding/ signage replacement project within 30 days to ensure all of NetApp’s U.S. offices were brand compliant. • Reclaimed an additional $115,000 of savings through in depth review of general landlord and vendor invoices. • Completed more than 240 facility cases annually and expanded services to include contract and insurance tracking fir all contractors/vendors.

Office Portfolio Portfolio Scale 6,200 Locations 11 Million SF

Cassidy Turley Services • Facilities Management • Portfolio Administration • Transaction Management • Project Management Client Reference Tom Nist Director of Real Estate TNist@hrblock.com

• Facilities Management • Portfolio Administration • Transaction Management • Construction & Design

Client Reference Kristin Layeaux Senior Property Manager kristin.layeux@usbank.com

Client Reference Tod Huddleston Senior Project Leader tod.huddleston@edwardjones.com

Real Results • Saved $1.6 million in 2010 on 30,000 branch facility cases for a geographically dispersed portfolio. • Facility savings derived through strict interpretation of lease language, enforcing landlord responsibility for facility issues, multiple bidding projects, and value engineering. • Managed lighting retrofits for 6,500 branches, ultimately reducing energy spend by 40%.

Real Results • US Bank Plaza received BOMA’s 2010 TOBY Award and BOMA’s Workspeed Performance designation for excellence in building operations and management. • Mechanical and electrical upgrades to properties resulting in a reduction of $100,000 per year in utility costs. • Gains in operational efficiency and technology implementation resulted in reduced staffing costs equating to $275,000 per year.

Real Results • Achieved savings of $290,000 through facilities management at 5,800 nationwide locations. • Resolved 9,300 facility cases and reviewed 6,200 facility-related invoices in 2011. • Reviewed overall facility operational costs for corporate headquarters locations; implemented team consolidation and process changes to save more than $1 million in first year savings.

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