Vietnam social housing report 2023

Regulations: Singapore vs. Vietnam

Singapore is currently pushing for bigger and taller social housing projects, or vertical cities with public amenities to be included for residents, due to the country’s limited landbank supply. Vietnam, on the other hand, is establishing unit quotas on social housing units, including both apartment type and low-rise townhouse-type of units. Singapore has stricter control than Vietnam on social housing resident selection with its demographic quotas and 99-year use right tenure. The government, then, can match buyers/tenants to the right unit. Design Conformity: Singapore vs. Vietnam Singapore’s HDB establishes guidelines on a standardized layout that helps to increase efficiency in project development. Furthermore, this government agency also collaborates with other state-owned enterprises to control material prices to reduce costs in developing social housing projects. Vietnam still depends upon developers to set their project designs and unit price based on development costs. This option, while provide options for buyers, are lesser effective in budget control.

Singapore’s land scarcity situation leads to vertical cities as the main housing supply for the mass population.


Singapore Housing Strategy The government agency responsible for housing in Singapore – the Housing & Development Board (“HDB”) has set two major strategy pairs for the public-social housing program: affordability & quality, and community & income security. Affordability & quality pair of strategy aims at delivering stable quality asset supply at an affordable financing program for buyers. The program funds through government-issued bonds which turns into loans & grants. The HDB would offer to sell assets and issue loans to families.

implementation on demographic quotas. These factors help determine the right targets for the right type of limited social housing.



Design Approach

HDB is geared towards maintaining efficiency, and productivity of the assets, though at a low development cost, by leveraging on government’s own company on materials, and the projects’ standardized design. HDB’s apartments are offered to a larger majority of the Singaporean public; thus, they are offered a wide range of options: from rental 1 and 2-bedroom units to 5-bedroom or 3-generation home ownership units. This helps to meet the high demands & varying needs of the residence.

STUDYING UNIT 4-rooms flat (3-bedrooms) ASSET TYPE Social housing: apartment AREA RANGE 85 – 90 sq.m

- Standardized layout design - Wide range of room options for residence demands - Concentration on public amenities for residence - Mass consumption from Singaporean population - Offer to families with kids


Community & income stability comes through investments in social amenities and


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