Vietnam social housing report 2023



The government of Hong Kong adopts a “Long Term Housing Strategy” (“LTHS”) to establish strategic supply-led and flexible directions for the public housing sector, where the strategy aims to: (i) provide public rental housing options through the utilization of existing stock; (ii) expand public housing ownership through circulating of existing stock and development of new supply; and (iii) regulate land supply and demand to stabilize public & private-owned residential market. Notably, the LTHS update in 2018 pushed the public/private ratio of new housing supply from 60:40 to 70:30, with a target of 301,000 units of total public housing supply between the 2023-24 to 2032-33 period. Design Approach Hong Kong Housing Authority is applying a “site specific” modular design approach on public housing development. Specifically, the regulation allows flexibility in space utility, and it dictates a range of flat / apartment areal planning, where: “1-or-2-person” units are not >18 sq.m; “2-or-3 person” units are not >22 sq.m; single-bedroom units are not >31 sq.m; and two-bedrooms are not >40 sq.m. Furthermore, public housing units

in Hong Kong are rationally designed between kitchen & bathroom against living & sleeping areas for flexible partitioning and ventilation. Regulations: Hong Kong vs. Vietnam Vietnam’s social housing program includes regulations on both apartments and low-rise townhouse projects since there is more land available in the country compared to that of HK. Hong Kong pushed for the 70:30 public/private housing ratio to further incentivize nationwide social housing investments. Whereas Vietnam established social housing quotas on new residential projects. Design Conformity: Hong Kong vs. Vietnam While apartment units are similarly regulated between Hong Kong and Vietnam in terms of area and unit options, Vietnam still lacks a standardized layout for social housing. Thus, Hong Kong’s typical social housing is of similar design, and therefore is cost-saving; Vietnam’s social housing has more options and configurations for buyers’ demands.

Hong Kong’s housing market is known for its unaffordability, thus leading to a critical & necessary position of strategic social housing development programs in the country.


STUDYING UNIT 1-bedroom / “3-or-4-person” flat ASSET TYPE Public (social) housing: apartment AREA RANGE 30 – 31 sq.m

- Modular design – self-installed partisan - Balcony included with hanging racks - Standardized door frame, power sockets, & water line - Improved lighting & ventilation - Middle to low-income individuals / Single families (2-3 people) - Available for subsidized rent or own



Source: Hong Kong Housing Bureau, Hong Kong, Legislative Council Panel on Housing, MPDI.

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