Vietnam social housing report 2023



From early on, the South Korean government realized the importance of a public-social housing system. In the 1970s, they established Korea Housing Company, currently known as Korea Land & Housing Company (LH). As of 2018, the company constituted 75% of the total public rental housing units in South Korea. LH directly undertakes urban and land development projects to build public housing and provide public housing (for sale/for rent) below market price. Public housing for sale is at around 80% of the market price while public housing for rent is at 50-80% of the market price, depending on the type.

into 10 income groups, the first is the low-income group and the tenth is the most affluent group. The support is divided into groups with the following characteristics: Groups unable to pay rent (group 1, group 2). The group cannot afford to buy their own house (group 3, group 4). The group that can afford to buy their own house with the help of the State (group 5, group 6) and the group that can buy a house on their own (group 7, 8, 9, 10). Each group is eligible to a separate type of public housing. The administrative procedures for projects with social housing will be greatly simplified. If the project plan is approved by the Government, more than 30 other relevant legal requirements can be reduced, particularly at the documentation stage and implementation stage. Meanwhile, social housing developers in Vietnam will have to go through lengthy administrative procedures, and profit margin is restricted to 10% and below. Design Conformity: South Korea vs. Vietnam South Korea and Vietnam set specific regulations for the unit type and unit size but no particular regulation for a unit layout similar to Singapore and Hong Kong.

South Korean public-social housing model is considered a successful case that provides Vietnam with important considerations for development policy.

Design Approach The government does not have specific

regulations on the design of public-social housing units, except for the unit area not exceeding 85 sq.m. Therefore, there can be diverse options: ranging from a single-person unit (21 sq.m), couple unit (31 sq.m) to a family unit (44 sq.m) which can house a young couple and a child.

Regulations: South Korea vs. Vietnam South Korean government divided the population


STUDYING UNIT Family Unit ASSET TYPE Social housing: apartment AREA RANGE 44 sq.m

Includes: a master bedroom, two small bedrooms, two toilets, a living room, and a kitchen Adopts uniquely-engineered frame structures to free the unit layout, allowing for various interior spaces - Young Couple - Young Professionals - Need more storage space, lounge space, dining table, plus space for a young child



Project: Sejong Public Housing Development. Developer: Korea Land and Housing Corp.

Source: Bao Xay Dung, Korea Land & Housing Corporation

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