Westpac Executive-Summary

Organisations face the challenge of preparing for a different future, one that is dynamic, engaging and meets the needs of a diverse workforce each with different preferences. Now more than ever, organisations need to engage with their workforce in a planned and orderly way, as the workplace consists of several locations, home, the traditional workplace and third spaces. Westpac’s dedication to providing an agile workplace shows the innovation in supporting the development of hybrid working, providing a solution that adjusts and supports the changing needs of your employees. This environment motivates and inspires your employees to create better futures for themselves and your customers. You have recently started a journey — the agile working framework — to improve your office offering, aligning to an agile working methodology activating your workforce to be productive no matter where they are located. Cushman & Wakefield understands that Workplace Management Services are vital to enabling corporate strategies t hat allow working flexibly through effective use of space, smooth churn management, and delivery, execution and administration of the agreed workplace plans and solutions. As such, we are excited about extending our partnership and developing your Workplace, supporting your hybrid working methodology and enabling Westpac employees at all levels to perform.

creating agile spaces to empower and inspire Westpac’s Bank Now Journey


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