Westpac Executive-Summary

The Westpac Group is currently undergoing significant change. A successful transformation is critical to ensuring continuity of service delivery with minimal disruption for Westpac, your staff, and for your customers. Cushman & Wakefield will continue to bring the transformation Westpac is seeking, backed by an in-depth understanding of your portfolio significantly reducing transition risk and timing. While some changes are already underway, to continue the transformation, we will undertake a rigorous change management process to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and that the desired outcomes are achieved. It is our aim to deliver the new services within three months. Mitigating any disruption to service continuity, Cushman & Wakefield is the only provider who can deliver the advantages of deep knowledge and experience of your organisation and operations, with the commitment and a plan of improved services at lower

cost, resulting in an enhanced customer experience, with significantly lower transition risks with faster speed to achieve than those involved in onboarding a new provider. As the sole provider that can offer you a seamless mobilisation to your new contract with no fee, no risk, and no disruption to your staff and customers . We will leverage our existing knowledge of your portfolio, our proven processes, and our skilled resources to transform your services and provide you with ongoing value and innovation through: • Our proposed transformation program and ongoing optimisation framework supporting ongoing improvement. • The refreshed service delivery team will leverage our existing knowledge of Westpac to deliver a high level of support to ongoing operations. • Our dedicated transformation team will lead change management, implement our new technology stack and implement new processes. Cushman & Wakefield is ready to support Westpac during this change, ensuring our partnership is delivering Sustainable Commercial Outcomes for both parties.

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