Westpac Executive-Summary

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to technology transformation, Cushman &

Wakefield has implemented the following technology changes and improvements: • Introduction and showcase of Service Request to Group Protective Services • Re-introduction of SWAP as a potential Verified replacement • Delivered Service Request to Westpac and Westpac’s concierge partner including SSO capability • Refreshed service type alignment to better inform reporting • New automated workflow for new user access requests delivering a faster response to new user access requests • Implemented executive focussed dashboard for Westpac Executive team delivering improved insights • Cushman & Wakefield Triana client portal delivered to wider Westpac group property team • Financial crime data integrated with dashboard reporting displaying review dates and risk ratings against landlords/entities

Our plan and commitment for the future as Westpac Group’s property services provider


Westpac | Cushman & Wakefield

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