IWD Inspire Inclusion E-Book

in the future? What am I most excited for

Zainab Aminuddin Sustainability Engineer Singapore

Life’s a choose-your-own-adventure book, and I’m skipping ahead to the thrilling unknown. Successes, setbacks, plot twists, who knows what awaits? But one thing’s for sure, I’m turning the page with a smile! Sydney Chun Senior Manager - Tenant Advisory Group Seoul, South Korea

Lola Del Pino Data Recorder Madrid, Spain

In the realm of Sustainability, innovation and technology is limitless. I’m excited for how the future will be shaped and prosper with more women in STEM!

Now in “the first world” things are taken for granted that were not a given a few years ago, such as women driving, having a bank account, working… we can see the changes that are developing in our society to make it more equal but there is still a long way to go. I am excited thinking that future generations of women and men can reap the fruits of our efforts and continue sowing to make it possible.


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