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in the future? What am I most excited for

As a mother to an 11-year-old daughter, I love that she shows an interest in my job and gets an understanding of how varied our sector can be with no day the same. I am proud of how as female leaders we can empower the next generation and through example show how brilliant and dynamic we truly are! Patricia Staunton Regional Director, Cushman & Wakefield Galway, Ireland

Natalie Craig Managing Director, C&W Services Singapore

Laura Danzig Head of ESG & Sustainability Barcelona, Spain

I’m excited for the unknown! I’ve learned over various challenges in my life not to plan too much or too far ahead. In doing that, I’ve been open to amazing new experiences—like moving to Singapore and leading an Integrated Facilities Management business. These are things I never would have imagined or expected.

Tomorrow, logging into Teams, stepping into the office and helping a member of my team make a positive impact they are inspired by. Also, the views from the next incredible mountain I get to climb on my bike :)


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