Tailor Your Business in Lodz 2023


W e are pleased to be able to share our perspective on the business potential of Central Poland. We at Completio are fascinated by the growing significance of the Łódź region and would like to make our own contribution to the rapid growth of this part of Poland. Łódź, which is situated in the centre of Poland, has long ceased to be just a geographical point on the country’s map. It is a place of vibrant businesses, innovations and ample growth opportunities. Our company consciously chose this location to build on our strategic thinking and the region’s potential. One of our latest achievements has been the introduction of a FIT-TO-SIZE automated packing machine that does packing in three seconds. It is only one of many tools that illustrates our commitment to innovation, further enhancement of our service quality and care about our planet. Our FIT-TO-SIZE machine combines modern technology and robotics with end-to-end and efficient warehouse logistics. With it, we are able to even better adjust the packing process to individual client requirements, saving time and resources and caring about the environment. We at Completio believe that modern business is not just about warehousing or logistics - it is, above all, about providing end-to-end support for clients. We offer fulfilment, contract logistics and picking services to deliver a full range of modern and sustainable business solutions. Order fulfilment with us is just three seconds between a click to a parcel being ready. We stay flexible and open to new challenges, which allows us to successfully respond to the growing needs of current and future clients. Your challenges are our logistics solutions. With our precise planning and efficient execution, we are able to meet even the most demanding expectations. Learn the art of perfect packing with Completio. Our company also shows concern for the environment. We are therefore proud to have received an international Cleaner Production Certificate which confirms our commitment to green practices and sustainable growth. Environmental responsibility is an important aspect of what we do. We are part of Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna SA (Łódź Special Economic Zone), which underscores our relationship with the Łódź region and commitment to its economic growth. Since March 2021 this cooperation has opened up new prospects for us and enabled us to even more efficiently support the local labour market. Logistics growth from the perspective of Completio Why did the company set its business in Łódź?

Piotr Piaskowski President of the Management Board of Completio


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