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2018 will be a year of taking advantage of momentum, furthering our differentiation, being prudent about costs, and advancing our strategic vision. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together and with our clients. GOS not only functions as a business, but as a team – and at Cushman & Wakefield, we believe our team wins together, works hard together, and celebrates together while always putting our clients first. We include vision boards that our global teammates created to capture what they want to accomplish in 2018 and had fun asking colleagues to design their own Valentine’s Day candy heart messages. Additionally, read the “Spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion” on pages 5-7 to learn more about James Patterson, Chief Executive, Australia & New Zealand – and what motivates him to give back to the community. It’s a new year. In this edition of The Occupier News, we feature key wins, showcase awards and events, and talk with global talent.

STEVE QUICK Chief Executive

Global Occupier Services steven.quick@cushwake.com

I am proud of our team and how we work together across the globe. I look forward to our continued success.

Please enjoy reading this edition of The Occupier News.


Steve Quick




James Patterson, Chief Executive of Cushman & Wakefield in Australia & New Zealand is building a culture that is gaining a reputation not only in the local market, but globally. He is a passionate advocate for diversity & inclusion. We sat down with James to discuss his plans for creating an inclusive culture.

Describe the cultural tone you want to set for Cushman & Wakefield in Australia & New Zealand? We are building a culture that is inclusive, diverse, and collaborative. Whilst a lot of organisations would say the same, there is an authenticity about the approach to inclusion in our culture and our workplace. We want to have a strategy around diversity, but take it to a deeper level around inclusion. One of the phrases that I reference a lot is “diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” Inclusion means that everyone is able to connect and engage, it is more than just presence, it means equal participation. I want to create a place where everyone has a sense of belonging. One team, one culture, where people feel supported, included, and encouraged to contribute to the success of the business. I had our culture described to me as having a ‘human heart’ and I truly believe this. We have a business responsibility to our clients, our stakeholders, and our people but I see it as more than that, we have an emotional responsibility as well to our community. I believe that this culture will set us apart within our competitive set. Our industry has not necessarily grown up with the best track record around diversity and inclusion. Great gains are being made by many companies, but I am very proud that we are leading the way in many instances in Australia and New Zealand.

Where did this passion for inclusion come from?

James Patterson Chief Executive Australia & New Zealand

Inclusion was instilled in me at a very young age by my parents. I grew up in Dubbo, a country town in New South Wales, where there was a cultural divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. I saw firsthand the consequences of not having an inclusive community. However, through my school and sport in Dubbo, some of my best friends were Indigenous kids – and as a child I didn’t really understand the divide, but as I grew older it became apparent and it’s something I want to change! I have carried that philosophy with me through my business and sporting career. I have three boys, Max (18), Hugo (17), and Oscar (13), whom my wife Libby and I have brought up to follow a philosophy of inclusion. I think that is one of the most important roles we can play as parents. I am currently the Acting Chairman of Souths Care board and I have been a board member for over five years. The Souths Cares program is an initiative of the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s which was established to support local disadvantaged and marginalised youth and their families in South Sydney. We work with the Indigenous community of South Sydney through the delivery of capacity building programs addressing education, How are you advocating for diversity & inclusion in your personal life?

James with his family



normal daily life. And this doesn’t even touch those who suffer exclusion based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and political views. The opportunity of all of us coming together is only one of infinite possibility. Ultimately, a sense of belonging creates a healthier and more successful employee experience. Research shows diversity is needed for teams to be their most productive, whether it be in age, religion, ethnicity, ability or disability, sexual orientation, heritage, socioeconomic, geographic, or life experiences. The more people I meet through our activities around inclusion, the more I am inspired to do more. It resonates with everyone that I talk to from our people, to clients, suppliers and the broader community. For example, as part of our Access & Inclusion sponsorship of Vivid Sydney last year we met Digby Webster and RUCKUS, which is a Sydney based disability led contemporary performance ensemble. RUCKUS performed at our signature client event to mark the centenary of Cushman & Wakefield and we have subsequently commissioned Digby Webster to develop an artwork for our Diversity & Inclusion branding and held an exhibition of his works that were purchase by clients and our own staff. It has opened up such a wonderful collaboration between our business and Digby, who I am sure will be world-famous very soon.

James with members of RUCKUS

training, health, and employment needs. This role is very rewarding for me as I can, through my commercial network, help make a difference. This is a real passion of mine as I have been an active member and supporter of the South Sydney Rabbitohs all my life. As part of ensuring my children have a strong sense of inclusion, our family is very proud to be part of the Scots College Indigenous mentoring program, probably the best run program in Australia with more than 24 Indigenous boys now at the school. We mentor Galveston Gannembarr who is from a remote Indigenous community, Gapaweak, in the Northern Territory. His family very rarely travels to Sydney so Galveston is at our house most weekends and is very much part of our family. Libby and I go to all his parent-teacher interviews, weekend sport, school achievements, and we have also visited his family in the Northern Territory, which was a real “eye opener” for my youngest son Oscar.

I am also a mentor to a number of elite sportsmen and women. Many sporting stars face challenges building a long-term pathway once their sporting career has finished. I help them open doors in the business community in Australia, so they can build the second exciting phase of their career. Why do you believe so passionately about diversity & inclusion? What is the cost to society of excluding people? Most of us taken inclusion for granted. But sadly there are many different community groups that experience exclusion and social isolation based on parameters out of their control. Take for instance the elderly, the less mobile, those with hearing impairment, visual impairment, mental health conditions, intellectual disability, the economically disadvantaged, those on the autism spectrum and children with disability. All of these groups are excluded from what most of us would consider



This is the second year we are the Access & Inclusion Partner for Vivid Sydney. We are excited to play a small part in helping break the barriers of social exclusion by making Vivid Sydney 2018 a more inclusive event. This year Cushman & Wakefield is building a unique, inclusive play experience during the festival - a place where children no matter what their level of ability can experience the magic of Vivid Sydney. The experience will be created based on inclusive design principles that enable not only access but participation for all children. I am so excited to reveal this to the general public, our clients and our staff.

our people - we are launching an Indigenous employment strategy, an Indigenous procurement policy, have set gender diversity targets for the business of 40% female representation at the executive level and senior manager level by 2020 and now have five employees through our Job Support partnership, which places adults with mild intellectual disability into the workplace. Jacquie, Ben, Alex, Eddie and Michael (who we have employed through Job Support) are very much part of our Cushman & Wakefield team and culture. However, I am under no illusions that I can create this culture on my own or just with my leadership team. You can’t just flick a switch. We need every single person in the business engaged around inclusion. There are grass roots initiatives that are popping up spontaneously across the business all the time and that is really exciting for me and the team in Australia and New Zealand.

James with Digby Webster

Our diversity & inclusion committee was born out of the commitment of a number of our staff to having an employee network and has since grown to include more than 35 participants. Our first LBGTI+ committee has started in Melbourne out of the desire of a handful of passionate employees and is growing quickly. I think we have a responsibility as an industry to improve the diversity and inclusion agenda within the real estate sector. I am part of the Property Male Champions of Change and I sit with a number of my peers on the ‘Managers Championing Change – Cascading Our Commitment’ working group. Essentially our objective is to create a culture in all property organisations where leadership on gender equality is a behavioural norm, just like safety and sustainability. I want all Cushman & Wakefield managers to personally lead on gender equality and be accountable for delivering results and progressing gender equality. Together we can make inclusion a reality.

What steps are you taking to create this inclusive and diverse culture?

I passionately believe in an inclusive culture, as do my leadership team and a number of them have joined the business for that very reason. We have a range of programs in place for

James with Ignatius Jones, Creative Director of Vivid Sydney





CoreNet Global Singapore Summit 2018

Cushman & Wakefield lived up to its reputation as the disruptor brand at this year’s CoreNet Global Summit in Singapore. As a Diamond sponsor, the firm had a commanding presence throughout the summit.

Speaking Sessions Buckle up for the Belt and Road Initiative - - Shaun Brodie & Adam Rush

A Day in the Life of 2040’s Workforce - - Tica Hessing & Sigrid Zialcita

Booth Our booth showcased a unique, punk, grunge look with graffiti and bold visuals in line with our “What’s Next” theme. Global Survey As the official polling sponsor, Cushman & Wakefield was the only service provider to get stage time during the opening ceremony, where Chris Browne spoke, and the closing ceremony, where Ming Lee Chua spoke.

The Innovation Factory, by those who Built it - - Ming Lee Chua & Rob Parker

Transformational Dynamics of India’s Office Space - - Sigrid Zialcita

Experience per SF - - Bryan Berthold & Chris Marrable

Events Our party was the highlight of the summit and featured performances by a top DJ and samba drummers at a hip fusion restaurant.





I-Suite London The third event in our London I-Suite Series, “Incubate to Accelerate” took place on February 7 at the Fuse innovation space at Allen & Overy in London. I-Suite was founded by Global Occupier Services’ Alister Yearley & Charlotte Gannon , and it now incorporates representatives across all Cushman & Wakefield service lines. The “Incubate to Accelerate” event explored the growing number of corporates seeking to harness the potential of start-ups by creating corporate incubator programs and innovation spaces. Corporate incubator programs support start-up companies at an early stage by giving them access to expertise, mentoring, physical workspace and (sometimes) investment. The conversation concluded with a lively Q&A session. The panel was moderated by Charlotte Gannon .

Following the panel discussion, guests were invited to participate in a networking mixology class. Breaking into teams, attendees had to work together on various activities – a quiz, a taste test and then they were asked to create their own bespoke cocktail complete with name and theme. The final creations were presented for judging by Ed Neild , Head of Client Solutions. Amongst the guests were representatives from RBS, AXA, Derwent, Legal & General, McDonald’s, Morgan Stanley, and Salesforce.

Watch the I-Suite London video above.

The next London I-Suite Series event will take place on June 6, 2018.



I-Suite New York

The first event in the NY I-Suite Series, “Tech-Celeration” took place on February 20 at WeWork Bryant Park. Guests from a wide variety of companies attended including Blackstone, Ernst & Young & Pfizer.

The “Tech-Celeration” event explored the

growing number of corporate companies seeking to harness the potential of start-ups by creating corporate incubator programs and innovation spaces. Speakers from the tech industry and from the corporate world discussed the changes that are being seen in the industry and how technology has revolutionised their markets. The conversation concluded with a lively Q&A session with panelists: Jason Pereira from IBM, Riggs Kubiak from Honest Buildings, Dan Suozzi from Workframe, and Rick Winslow from Capital One Commercial Banking. The conversation was moderated by Ryan Sprouls , GOS.

Following the panel discussion, guests were invited to participate in a networking mixology class.



Unilever Ribbon Cutting Unilever officially opened its newly renovated North American headquarters with a ceremony on February 13 at 700 Sylvan Avenue in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The event was held to celebrate and thank all the partners who helped make the new building a reality, including Cushman & Wakefield, who worked on both the transactions and project management for the facility. The event featured local elected officials and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, and was followed by the first Unilever North American town hall in the new space. Attendees from Cushman & Wakefield included: Toby Dodd, Larry Wilks, Jay Hruska, David Bernhaut, Michael Creamer, Kate Brennan, Jay Singer, and Colin Blair.

Black History Month In February, Cushman & Wakefield celebrated Black History Month by hosting an Authentic Leadership panel discussion at the Chicago Headquarters. There was a panel of six African American leaders of various backgrounds and industries, each discussed their journey through Corporate America, and sharing how being authentic has propelled their careers. Our Global, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Adam Stanley was one among the six panelists who shared candid moments of their careers. This panel discussion is the first of many events to be hosted by the formulating African American Employee Resource Group.

On the Move: 1290 Avenue of the Americas Office On February 26, GOS moved to the newly renovated space on the eighth floor of 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. GOS joined New York Investment Sales, Project & Development Services, and the Legal Department.



International Women’s Day

Cushman & Wakefield supported International Women’s Day on March 8 and celebrated the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world, and the call for accelerated gender parity. Several of our teams and offices are recognising IWD. While there are too many to name, here are a few highlights: >> This year, we are inviting all employees to share their stories on International Women’s Day and beyond by taking part in our #PressforProgress social media campaign. A dedicated web page will showcase stories, photos, and videos about the way we #PressforProgress. On this page you’ll also find simple instructions for how you can add your content. We encourage all colleagues to read these posts about women’s achievements and aspirations.

>> In the Americas, the Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) is reflecting on influential women, both past and present, who are champions of progress. Several WIN chapters will be hosting IWD celebrations and volunteering today. The Chicago Chapter is hosting a clothing drive during their event benefitting Dress for Success, a nonprofit organisation that provides professional attire and development services for women. >> A number of our APAC offices, from Singapore to Japan, are hosting events featuring prominent leaders in their countries, in the business world, and within our firm to discuss #PressforProgress and its impact on our business. Thailand is providing IWD bags to colleagues, and making a donation to their local “Friends of Women Foundation.” >> India will host a “Diversity Week”’ with various activities such as a women’s breakfast, fireside chat about #PressforProgress, and a women’s leadership program to celebrate diversity and inclusion. >> Staff and clients are gathering in major markets across Australia around IWD’s theme of #PressforProgress by hosting a series of events to discuss careers, experiences, and more with leading women in the business. >> Greater China is focusing on recognising women’s contributions to the firm and promoting the importance of women’s health and well-being through a series of interactive workshops. Activities such as sending flowers to colleagues, fashion, and DIY beauty workshops have been organised to help women enjoy the special day.

>> In the UK, George Roberts , Head of UK & Ireland, and the Gender sub-group of Inspire, the UK’s diversity and inclusion initiative, will discuss our commitment to champion equality at our firm and change in the wider industry. Our colleagues will also run online sessions on a variety of topics across numerous service lines, and there will be a panel discussion about “The Five Unanswered Questions on Gender.” >> Our business in Sweden is hosting a client event focused on a new workplace trends report, Nordic Office – a Preview of the Future. Agneta Jacobsson , Head of Sweden, will moderate the panel discussion about the report and gender equality at the event.



Bisnow Sustainability Event

IFM Team Hosts Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Summit EHS professionals and safety champions recently participated in a summit themed, “Creating and Sustaining a Winning EHS Culture” at the United Technologies Leadership Centre. Hosted by Kenyon Brenish , GOS EHS Lead, and Brian Dolan , GOS IFM U.S. Lead, the summit brought together various colleagues, who represent and service clients such as Altice, Citi Bank, Prudential, United Technologies, Veritas, Google, Verizon, and more. “We wanted the meetings to provide our GOS team some much needed time to reflect on recent 2017 accomplishments while giving everyone an opportunity to discuss our continuous integration into GOS Business Processes, Strategy, and IFM platform,” said Dolan. “We have a great group of professionals with diverse experiences that will build GOS into an industry leading EHS platform,” said Brenish.

Bisnow San Francisco hosted their annual Property Management & Sustainability Summit on February 13. Darin Bernstein , Sustainability Project Manager, Cushman & Wakefield, moderated the thought- provoking panel which consisted of leaders from Salesforce, Boston Properties, Kilroy Realty, and BREEAM USA. The panel discussed notable projects in the Bay Area, including Salesforce Tower, and touched upon how both tenants and investors are driving markets towards ever higher levels of sustainability. Additionally, Cushman & Wakefield was a sponsor of the event. “Real estate has a huge impact on the environment, but it’s also a huge opportunity… Buildings generate 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions but reducing those emissions by reducing energy use is often very profitable.”

Toronto Real Estate Forum Cushman & Wakefield was a platinum sponsor of the Toronto Real Estate Forum, Canada’s largest real estate conference focusing on major trends, strategies, risks, and opportunities. Chuck Scott , CEO - Canada, spoke on the panel, which was titled “The Office Market across Canada.” Additionally, the firm hosted our centennial celebration cocktail event in conjunction with the Real Estate Forum with colleagues, clients, partners, and friends.



Tango Partnership Tango, the leading provider of Strategic Location Lifecycle Management Solutions, has been named the firm’s Project Management technology partner. Tango’s project management software will support a wide range of projects for our clients across industries and geographies. The partnership will provide cutting-edge, industry-leading solutions by delivering insights at every stage of a project.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Workplace Edge featured in Bloomberg


Cushman & Wakefield’s wellness and concierge services platform, Workplace Edge, was mentioned in Bloomberg.

For more information, contact Mitch Wickland.

Read the article here.

MCS Solutions Partnership

We have announced a global agreement with Smart Building Technology provider MCS Solutions, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm with over 25 years of industry experience in more than 60 countries.

The Winter Olympics of Commercial Real Estate To celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in PyeongChang, GOS launched the Winter Olympics of Commercial Real Estate. Each week, we showcased various Olympic insights relevant to our core audience from a CRE perspective, while highlighting our service lines – TM, PDS, PLA, and IFM. The social media campaign demonstrated our GOS culture, global identity, as well as service line industry trends and best-practices. It was also a hit on the global website and on social media, driving more than 200,000 branded impressions worldwide and 492 engagements from users in more than 80 countries from around the globe.

By bringing together expertise in many areas of real estate,

workplace, and facilities management – ranging from a buildings occupant comfort to cleaning to catering, technical maintenance, energy management, space optimisation, and smart working among others – the partnership will allow clients to have a greater positive impact on the occupants’ experience and control over their building portfolios enabling the ability to turn big data into actionable intelligence.


For more information, contact Colette Temmink or Raul Esparza .



WIN Scholarship In December, five Cushman & Wakefield professionals were awarded scholarships by our Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) to participate in the 2018 Leadership Certificate Program, presented by Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW). The scholarships were made in honour of the late Shelley Radomski, former Executive Managing Director, Brokerage & Capital Markets, Americas, and a strong advocate for female leadership development.

Property Council of Australia Award With a culture of inclusion that stems right from the top and permeates at all levels of Cushman & Wakefield, we are proud to be announced as a finalist for the Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence awards, Award for Diversity > 250 employees.

Lipsey Award Cushman & Wakefield took second place in Lipsey’s 2018 Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brand Survey. We were well-positioned in a two-way tie with JLL. Thank you to everyone who voted, and to those who also reached out to clients and contacts for their votes.

The 2018 CREW Leadership Certificate Program recipients are:

• LaShawn Bates , Manager of Financial Analysis, Capital Markets – Tampa, FL • Katie Dahlin , Financial/Business Analyst, Tenant Representation – Portland, OR • Carly Flapper , Senior Associate, Workplace Strategy & Change Management, GOS – Chicago, IL • Libby Toenjes , Manager, Transitions & Quality Control, Property Management – St. Louis, MO • Natalie Wainwright , Associate Tenant Representation, Leasing – Las Vegas, NV WIN recognises that programs like this are valuable to members and will continue to find ways to bring education, training, and development opportunities whenever possible. “It was an awesome experience. This was my first event with CREWNetwork, and I was blown away by the openness, generosity, and encouragement from this group of accomplished real estate professionals. Everyone I met spoke so highly of their past experiences with CREW and by the end of the conference I knew why! I am so grateful to Cushman &Wakefield and WIN for this opportunity to develop my leadership skills and honour the legacy of Shelly Radomski.” - Carly Flapper

Congratulations Aaron Sheppard Aaron Sheppard , Director of Facility Management on the UNUM account, received honours for achieving a 4.0 in his Masters program. Congratulations Aaron!



GOS Wins in Q1

ACCA Team: Ed Neild and Stuart Dorward New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Transaction Management and Occupier Management ADOBE Team: Terri Melzer and Sean Prasad New / Renewal / Expansion: Expansion Location: U.S. Services: Global PMO and Project Management BRINKS Team: Rick Bagy, Tim Eichholz, and Dustin Larson New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Facilities Management BUNZL Team: Rick Bagy, Kelly Hackett, Bridgette Hoeft, Scott Jones, John Morris, Greg Schuster, and Liz Sharp New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: North America Services: Transaction Management and Portfolio Administration CHARTER Team: Christopher Larson and Sean Prasad New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal Location: Americas Services: Transaction Management and Portfolio Administration

CITI Team: John Santora, Steve Quick, Todd Schwartz, Toby Dodd, Mike Hart, Larry Conlon, and Raul Esparza New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal Location: North America Services: Integrated Facilities Management COMCAST Team: Alex Diaz, Martin Woodrow, Chris Larson, and Dave Johnson New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: West Region U.S. Services: Account Management, Transaction Management, Strategy & Consulting, Lease Administration, Project Management, Facilities Management Reporting, and Vendor Management

CRITEO Team: Anna Kalifa and Lisa Potter New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Portfolio Administration

DIGICERT Team: Jim Hegger, Dustin Larson, and Jack Shelton New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Facilities Management, Portfolio Administration, Transaction Management, and Project & Development Services


KIDDE AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Team: Bill Crowe, Brian Dolan, Agnes Korwek, Dave Mickool, Ron Steel, and Roger Tee New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Americas Services: Integrated Facilities Management HARLEY-DAVIDSON Team: Tricia Trester, Michael Creamer, James Taylor, Lizzy Kay, Jeremy White, Jade Rodgers, Paul Werner, and Alicia Riley New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal and expansion Location: Global Services: Transaction Management and Project Management

EDWARD JONES Team: Sam Marshall, Tim Moeller, and Paul Maxey New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal Location: U.S. & Canada Services: Transaction Management, Project & Development Services, Portfolio Administration, and Facilities Management FLOWERS FOODS Team: Rick Bagy, Bonnie Basler, Rick Cleveland, Mallory Crow, Kevin Hanna, Todd Kohlbecker, George O’Connor, Deb Saulich, and Maity Peet New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Transaction Management and Portfolio Administration GOOGLE Team: Bryan Jacobs, Tricia Trester, J Glasgow, and Brandon Tanner New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Americas Services: Integrated Facilities Management, Project Management, Critical Operations, and Space Management GRIFFIN CAPITAL Team: Mike Beall, Michael Condon Sr., Sean Spellman, Chris Toci, Chris Walker, and Jeff Wentworth New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Phoenix, AZ Services: Agency Leasing and Capital Markets

LEDVANCE Team: Eva Escaig and Michael Thiele New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Transaction Management

MICROSOFT Team: Jonathan Cooper, Ian Gray, and Simon O’Reilly New / Renewal / Expansion: Expansion Location: Greece Services: Facilities Management ORACLE Team: Pascale Newcombe and Shaun Jenkinson New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: APAC & EMEA Services: Project Management


THYSSENKRUPP Team: Kelly Hackett, Richard Hamilton, Rick Hughes, John Morris, Claire Paulson, and David Susoreny New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: North America Services: Transaction Management TRUE VALUE COMPANY Team: Tony Belli, John Ebert, Andrew Laux, and Randy Thompson New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Project Management UNDER ARMOUR Team: John Boote, Michael Condon Sr., David Gillece, Peter McGill, Debra Moritz, John Morris, Jamie Smith, Pete Stanford, and Charles Wagandt New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Transaction Management, Strategic Advisory, and S&O Planning US BANK Team: Paul Donovan, Kelli Howerton, Clint Miller, and Mike Myhre New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Transaction Management, Project & Development Services, and Design VEIN CLINICS OF AMERICA Team: Tim Eichholz, Kelly Hackett, and Jordan Rovito New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Integrated Facilities Management

OSRAM Team: Lena Inselsberger New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: Global Services: Transaction Management and Project & Development Services PANDA EXPRESS Team: Tim Eichholz and Colin Lauer New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal and Expansion Location: PSC (National) Services: Project Management and Facility Management PEPPERIDGE FARM Team: Brian Borget, Julia Silva Rettig, David Rosenbloom, Jessica Mizrahi, and Shannon Nehrig New / Renewal / Expansion: New Location: U.S. Services: Transaction Management and Portfolio Administration SANTOS Team: Isik Bozdag, Dylan O’Donnell, Sam Pickup, and Rachel Weddle New / Renewal / Expansion: Renewal Location: Australia Services: Integrated Facilities Management, Reception, Staff Relocations, Cleaning, Storage, Property & Equipment Maintenance, Project Management, Waste Management, Electric Testing & Lease Management



New Hires & Promotions Talent is our top priority and we have attracted and retained the best in the industry. Please join us in welcoming and congratulating this quarter’s new hires and promotions.

Listed alphabetically.

Ildikó Braunné, Head of OM, PSC Budapest

Hannah Coleman , Partner, Strategic Consulting EMEA

Michael Creamer , Chairman of GOS, EMEA

Michael Cubetta , Project Management Director

David Fanning , Executive Managing Director, Strategic Client Development

Paul Foreman , Partner Transaction Manager, EMEA

Christina Gassmann , Head of Sales Enablement, ANZ

Richard Golding , Head of Countries and Account Management

Laurence Girod , Head of Account Management, GOS, France

Shaun Jenkinson , Head of Service Lines, GOS, EMEA

Ariane Loukakis , Lead, Novartis, GOS, EMEA

Matthew Martin , Commercial Director, GOS, EMEA

Ed Neild , Head of Client Solutions, GOS, EMEA

Peter O’Brien , Global Facilities Management Director

Clifford Radosevic , Head of Occupier Services, Canada

Liliana Stoianova , Chief of Staff and Strategic Projects Lead, GOS, EMEA

Adam Treffry , Managing Director, GOS, ANZ

Jack Woo , GOS Technology Leader, Asia Pacific and Greater China




Manufacturing Risk Index The Manufacturing Risk Index examines a range of risk and cost factors, including political and economic risk, and labour cost. We have updated and adjusted our previous model to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the attractiveness of 42 countries for global manufacturing.

Asia Pacific Coworking Trends While it may have been once considered a fad, coworking spaces that provide businesses and individuals with a shared working environment, are proving to be a lasting trend and demonstrating one of the biggest changes in the workplace today. This report highlights emerging trends that have transformed coworking to become a business solution, not just a real estate alternative.

Understanding the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on CRE The Autonomous Vehicles report, created out of EMEA, considers the likely impacts of a shift towards autonomous vehicles on cities and the commercial real estate sector, with a focus on retail, logistics, and parking.



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Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico

What it is: A temazcal is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge that is used for ritual purification and may also have some health benefits. Besides promoting physical well-being and healing, the temazcal is also a ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection.



What it is: Detoxifying seaweed baths utilise the natural power of our organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise your skin, increase circulation, and promote healing. Location: Sligo, Ireland


What it is: Cold treatment has long history and it has been used for centuries to release pain. Cold treatment is still used to ease swelling and pain. It has originally been used for pain relief and treatment rheumatic diseases. Location: Porvoo, Finland



Location: Ontario, Canada

What it is: Healing Salt Cave is a therapeutic centre based on Speleo/Halotherapy. With the use of high- end equipment and natural materials the micro-climate combined with controlled humid conditions is ideal for easy inhalation and has been proven to be highly efficient against many types of respiratory, heart, and cardio-vascular and dermatological conditions.






MARK GEORGIADIS National Head of Project & Development Services Sydney


(rather than just hang off the side of the boat with a beer in hand)

Take the kids on a hiking trip through Crete with, followed by a week of RnR somewhere on the Adriatic coast

Continue to grow the Australian PDS business by at least 30% for our 5th consecutive year

See our frst intake of Graduates from 2017 push the envelope and take on projects in 2018


LORNA LANDELLS Partner, Head of UK Occupier Management Global Occupier Services London


Become more fluent in Italian

Fix a date to visit Japan and actually work towards achieving it

Stop trying to cope with everything myself and allow my friends and family to help me

Shoe-horn my teenagers out of their rooms and into my life more (ha ha, dream on)


TOBY DODD Executive Managing Director, Global Occupier Services New York City






TERESA CHANG Head of Strategic Marketing, Singapore


Kill it in presentation skills to large groups of audiences

Get leaner and toner and lose some weight in the process

Pursue a new hobby


ASHLEY PALM Client Relationship Manager, Australia and New Zealand, GOS Sydney

Surfing with son


Must have – Good friends, good wine, good food, comfortable life style, lots of holidays


(Salmon fishing in Alaska, Rose tasting in Provence)

Old fashioned values – kids to have respect and empathy, but also do what they love to do



Operations Capability Manager

Operations Manager Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Managing Director, GOS New York

Vice President Americas Head of Occupier Research, Atlanta

Finance Manager Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Global Operating Officer Charlotte, North Carolina

Executive Assistant Hong Kong

HR Director Washington D.C.

Human Geographer & Urban Planner, Strategic Consulting Sydney


Account Director, Global Occupier Services Stamford, CT

Account Director, GOS Sydney

Senior Managing Director, Critical Solutions, Global Occupier Services


Marketing Manager, GOS Sydney

Senior Workplace Consultant, GOS


Senior Managing Director, IFM Operations Lead New York City

Executive Vice President, GOS New York City

Global Director of Operations


Director, Transaction Management, GOS, APAC Singapore


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Gina and Senem

Gina Chinino Dardi Global Communications Manager, Global Occupier Services

Senem Goctu Graphic Design Manager Global Occupier Services



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