From AI to Absorption: Office Demand, AI Talent Concentrations, and What it Means for Data Centers

Environmental Considerations in Data Center Site Selection

Water Availability & Conservation

Energy Efficiency & Renewables

Climate Resilience

• Prioritize locations with access to reliable and affordable renewable energy sources. • Look for regions with a robust grid infrastructure and proximity

• Assess susceptibility to natural disasters and select sites with lower risk profiles. • Consider climate change projections to ensure long-term viability and resilience.

• Evaluate water availability and potential restrictions, especially in arid or drought-prone areas. • Implement water-efficient cooling systems and explore reuse/recycling options.

to renewable energy generation facilities.

Regulatory Compliance & Sustainability Standards

Community Engagement & Stakeholder Relations

Waste Management & Recycling

• Ensure compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations and codes. • Seek locations with established sustainability standards to align with industry best practices.

• Seek areas with robust waste management infrastructure and recycling programs to minimize environmental impact. • Consider opportunities for repurposing or recycling data center components and materials.

• Engage local communities to address concerns and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility. • Consider partnerships with local organizations or initiatives focused on sustainability and environmental conservation.


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