From AI to Absorption: Office Demand, AI Talent Concentrations, and What it Means for Data Centers

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Key Takeaways3
Key Takeaways4
Commercial Real Estate5
San Francisco Bay Area Still an AI Hotspot6
AI TIMs Composition by Market Sub-Area7
Median and Average TIM Size by Market Sub-Area8
High Vacancy Presents Opportunity for AI Tenants9
Premium Space Availability Highest on West Coast10
Leasing Activity Still Down from Pre-Pandemic Level11
AI Talent Landscape12
AI Talent Is in High Demand but Has Cooled Recently13
Washington, DC Leads the Pack for AI Job Postings14
Hiring for AI-Related Occupations Trending Upward15
MAMAA Companies Rank 4th in AI Job Postings16
Software Devs and Data Scientists in High Demand17
Number of AI-Related Degrees Nearly Tripled from 201018
AI-Related PhD Completions Growing19
AI Company Landscape20
Global Top 100 AI Co. HQ’s Concentrated in California21
Vertical Platforms Expected to Grow 31% Annually22
AI Semiconductors Expected to Grow 19% Annually23
Venture Capital Activity Lower After 2021 High24
Data Centers25
Long-Term Semiconductor Market Growth Expected27
Least Expensive States for Commercial Power28
Large Language Models Use a lot of Power to Train29
Hypothetical Electricity Cost to Train GPT-3 by State30
Power Usage Effectiveness Gaining Greater Efficiency31
Rack Densities Increasing with Compute Requirements32
Demographics & Emerging Markets33
Established AI Hubs Seeing Long-Term Job Growth34
Emerging Markets Primarily Located in The Sunbelt35
Emerging Markets Typically Investing In Education36
Emerging Markets Offer Model Training Savings37
Future Trends & Considerations38
Top 10 States by Renewable Production Mix39
Texas is #1 in Total Renewable Energy Production40
Environmental Considerations in Data Center Site Selection41
Glossary of Key Terms43
Job Postings Parameters44
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