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Learning and Development (404-103, 404-1, 404-2)

Employees benefit directly from the supplemental learning opportunities while managers are better equipped to deliver, track and report on the training employees receive. We also facilitate ongoing development through LinkedIn Learning, accessible through Workday Learning, which recommends highly relevant content to help each employee succeed in their role.

Cushman & Wakefield’s global Talent Management team supports employees’ career growth through learning programs and professional development while equipping leaders to empower and grow their teams through talent assessment, succession planning and performance reviews. In 2020, we helped employees adjust to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 by focusing on remote working and leadership, work-life balance, collaboration tools and return-to-office training. We hosted two webinars in the U.S. and EMEA on the topics “Leading through Change” and “Connection and Emotional Intelligence” which focused on effectively adapting to the evolving working environment and communicating with teammates during the pandemic. We also enhanced our focus on DEI by offering Inclusion/Bias training for U.S. and C&W Services employees, and we created training for professionals in our People Function primarily in the U.S. and Canada on having conversations about race. We offer a full suite of learning and development activities through on-the-job training, e-learning, coaching, mentoring and instructor-led learning modules. As of 2020, learning resources are available to all Cushman & Wakefield employees through Workday Learning, a vast online system that combines professional development and required training into a single application.


Average hours of training employees have undertaken in 2020

Average hours of training by gender: WOMEN

EXECUTIVES Average hours of training by employee level:





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In addition, we offer non-traditional learning and development opportunities, including an apprenticeship program at several key client locations which provides training for careers in the skilled trades, and a returnship program focused on people who have been away from the traditional workforce for a period of time and may require supplemental training and mentoring upon returning to work. We have identified this as a key growth area and plan to continue enhancing these programs in the future.

Cushman & Wakefield is participating in Business Roundtable’s multi-year effort to reform companies’ hiring and talent management practices to focus on the value of skills, rather than just degrees, helping candidates enter the company through alternative paths. Through the initiative, we are implementing new recruitment and assessment strategies to better evaluate the skills of all job seekers, and we are identifying upward career paths and updating training programs to help employees gain the skills they need to advance.


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