Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

Collective Bargaining (102-41)

Non-discrimination (406-103, 406-1)

Globally, Cushman & Wakefield respects the rights of its employees to join labor organizations or refrain from doing so and follows all applicable laws. We also comply with wage and hour laws and fair labor practices for our employees. Country- and service line-specific policies and handbooks help employees navigate their employment rights. In 2020, approximately 21% of our employees in the Americas and APAC were subject to collective bargaining agreements.

We are committed to attracting, retaining and developing a highly qualified, diverse and dedicated workforce. Cushman & Wakefield fosters an environment in which our employees are encouraged to raise concerns regarding any violation of our firm’s practices, policies or the law. This commitment is centered around ensuring Cushman & Wakefield and our employees do not discriminate against other employees or applicants. Our zero-tolerance policy on discrimination in the workplace also ensures that we make employment decisions on the basis of merit. In the case that we are made aware of an allegation of discrimination or any other violation of our governing policies, Cushman & Wakefield follows clear reporting procedures, requiring our People Function team to take immediate action to investigate and resolve such allegations including taking corrective actions required for infractions of our policy prohibiting discrimination. Cushman & Wakefield also has a 24-hour hotline available to employees and third parties to report issues including discrimination or other violations of our policies. These reports can be made anonymously and in multiple languages.


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