Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT (102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44)

We engage with a wide variety of stakeholders who influence or are affected by our business activities, including employees, clients, shareholders, vendors and suppliers, communities and others such as industry associations, strategic partners and nonprofit organizations. It’s important that we listen to and seek feedback from our stakeholders as we make decisions about how we manage ESG risks and opportunities facing our business and clients. We are committed to continuous improvement in each of the areas where we make an impact so that we position our firm as an industry leader for a sustainable future. The table below outlines our key stakeholder groups and how we engage with them, as well as what’s important to each group and how we meet their expectations.






Our employees expect an inclusive and respectful working environment that prioritizes their safety and wellbeing, values their contributions, and provides equitable opportunities for growth and development. Business ethics and integrity, innovation and technology, non-discrimination, employee wellbeing, and diversity and equal opportunity are topics employees indicated were very important in empowering them to perform their best work during our updated materiality assessment process. Our clients want to make smart, sustainable decisions about their real estate portfolios that are aligned with their business strategy. They look to us for forward-thinking advice and solutions for how to best maximize their space in both the short- and long-term. During our materiality assessment, clients emphasized environmental topics were important to them, including sustainability services and environmental compliance, as well as business ethics and integrity and innovation and technology.

We provide an inclusive and collaborative workplace where employees are encouraged to be themselves and bring forth new ideas. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, harassment or discrimination, and we hold ourselves and our stakeholders to high ethical standards. See the section on Leading the Way for Our People and Communities and Leading with Operational Excellence . Leveraging our global platform, we advise clients by providing expertise across sectors and industries, a comprehensive suite of services, innovative solutions and in-depth insights. See the sections on Leading the Way for Our Clients and Leading with Operational Excellence .

• Global employee intranet • Internal communications from leadership • Town halls • Engagement and experience surveys • Employee resource groups (ERGs) • Materiality assessment survey


• Global website • Client satisfaction surveys • Industry events • Client webinars • Thought leadership and research • Materiality assessment survey


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