Vietnam social housing report 2023



WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO BUY SOCIAL HOUSING? X Persons who have contributed to the Revolution X Poor and near-poor households in rural areas X Households in rural areas which was frequently affected by natural disasters and climate change X Low-income people, poor and near-poor households in urban areas X Employees working at enterprises inside and outside the industrial park X Officers, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned technical officers, professional military personnel, and workers in agencies and units under Public Security and People’s Army X Cadres, civil servants, and public employees in accordance with the law on cadres, civil servants and public employees X Persons who have returned public housing X Students of academies, universities, colleges, and vocational schools; Students of public boarding ethnic schools are allowed to use housing during their studies X Households and individuals subject to land confiscation and must demolish houses in accordance with law but have not been compensated by the State with housing or residential land


X Condition 1: Housing conditions X Person does own any houses, has not bought or rented social housing, has not inherited support policies, not owned land in any form at where they live, study or in case there is a house owned by them, the average housing area is less than 10 m2/person X Condition 2: Residence conditions X Must have permanent residence registration in the province or centrally run city where social housing is located. In case there is no permanent residence registration, there must be a temporary residence registration for one year or more in the province or city where social housing is located, except for the case in the 9th order X Condition 3: Income conditions X Must not be subject to regular income tax payment in accordance with the law on personal income tax. In other words, one must be a person with a monthly income of VND 11 million or less (132 million VND/ year) if there are no dependents X Must be poor or near-poor according to the regulations of the Prime Minister. X Borrowers of capital to buy or rent purchase social housing must satisfy

the conditions for borrowing capital as prescribed by the law on credit institutions.

In the process to register for social housing, buyers have to submit many documentations to prove their eligibility for social housing. This lengthy and complicated process made access to social housing increasingly difficult for residents with real, urgent housing needs. Background check is also a point of concern as there have been cases of developers selling social housing units for people outside of the eligibility list.

X Enterprises and co-operatives

Source: Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam

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