Reworking Proptech

“It can be overwhelming to consider transforming your end-to-end digital platform and attempt to make wholesale changes in one go. Instead, with the right upfront approach to architecture, a staged roadmap and an experienced advisory partner, you can draw out the art of the possible over time.”

Seen through the lens of selecting discrete technology solutions, thematurity journey comes into focus. Take an example of a smart building application; an asset ownermight beginwith a solution that supports energy savings. Building on the same digital platform, there is an opportunity to unlock maintenance and labour optimisation and, eventually, sustainability benefits.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN PRACTICE Equipped with this information, decisions can be made about whether an improvement to an existing system, upgrade or entirely new solution is the best way forward. This can provide a cornerstone along the journey to implementation.


OPTION 1 Install basic lighting controls

OPTION 2 Install networked lighting solution with motion sensor s

Uplifting digital capabilities across a growing real estate portfolio Sector : Financial Institution (US) Objective: Enhance management and operational capabilities and establish roadmap. A US-based bank had more than 20 third-party point solutions with a goal to streamline, optimise or upgrade applications. Stakeholders were engaged and educated as solutions appraised and roadmap developed. Solutions Benchmarking against best-in-class solutions was undertaken in areas from occupancy and reservations, tenant experience, facilities management, administrations and accounting and construction. Results • Accelerate and strengthen digital strategy and roadmap. • Delivered portfolio efficiencies. • Cost savings by optimising existing solutions.

Bridging critical gaps in IT architecture with custom smart building solutions Sector: Telecommunications (Global) Objective: Establish and integrate missing solutions for holistic digital building strategy. A global telco was seeking advice on evolving its existing digital strategy and support to identify and integrate new solutions across a global office, manufacturing, and warehouse portfolio of sites. Solutions Consolidate disparate portfolio into a global solution, with a focus on building automation, workplace technology, data and analytics and sustainability reporting solutions.

TARGET Reduce energy consumption

Energy savings

Energy savings

Data feed to support sustainability reporting

Sensor produces data used by workplace teams to optimise space utilisation

Results •

Enhanced analytics and flat file integration to management analytics platform Future proof solution strategy developed with a roadmap to leverage smart building automation and fault detection diagnostics integrated into the CMMS system.





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