IWD Inspire Inclusion E-Book

How do I motivate and

inspire women in my life?

Hao Nguyen Leasing Executive Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sydney Oslund Senior Associate Vancouver, Canada

Maria Russo-Fama Director, Strategy & Enablement Sydney, Australia

I believe creating opportunities to develop skills and talents, either through mentorship, educational resources or networking events is crucial to empower women to expand their capabilities. Establishing these opportunities as part of Canada’s WIN chapter has been a very fulfilling experience, enabling an inspiring environment to celebrate each other’s professional and personal growth and achievements.

By showcasing their value and position, and helping them appreciate what they have contributed to their lives, family and themselves. Helping them level up to be the best, most authentic version of themselves they can be.

Influencing and encouraging allies is crucial in motivating and inspiring the women in my life. I strive to be a supportive and encouraging presence, leading by example and celebrating their achievements.


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