IWD Inspire Inclusion E-Book

What inspires me?

Motherhood. It is an amazing management school, where lessons can be transferred to the businesses we run. Motherhood is a place where I learned I had to deal with my unresolved issues and fears in order to care and nurture for my children in a healthy and respectful way….and let’s not forget the multitasking! Camilla Bastoni International Partner - Head of EMEA PDS Sales and Account Mgmt. Milan, Italy

Serena Ridolfi Associate, Project & Development Milan, Italy

The beauty that can be found in the built environment and its relationship with the world. Meeting people who want to share their experience and are open to listening to others inspires me to do better and to delve deeper into the various aspects I encounter in my life. This led me to approach the world of art. I am passionate about baroque architecture and sculpture, I have studied violin for 10 years, and for 4 years I have been attending a theater course which is allowing me to discover new parts of myself.


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