IWD Inspire Inclusion E-Book

What inspires me?

Michelle MacKay Chief Executive Officer New York, USA

Cori English Managing Principal, Northern California, East Bay & Central Valley Regions California, USA

I’m inspired by the wonderful colleagues we have at this company. We have incredible women who lead by example and inspire me every day, including the women on our Board of Directors, our Executive Committee (ExCo), those leading large parts of our business and the women who deliver meaningful value to our clients at all times. Thank you for your continued dedication to making Cushman & Wakefield an inclusive and empowering place to work.

The great outdoors! I grew up hiking/backpacking in the Cascade Mountains and have always been in awe of the diversity and the beauty of the natural world. The adaptability to the seasonal challenges and resiliency to external threats, such as forest fires, are things I look to for strength and hope as I journey through the seasons of my life.


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