IWD Inspire Inclusion E-Book

If I was retiring today,

what is the legacy I wish to leave?

Erika Mae Adorable People Communications Advisor Manila, Philippines

Audrey Pelletier Senior Consultant, Paris Leasing Office Agency Paris, France It seems so unreal to think about retirement today! But if I were, I hope that I would have made an impact in people’s lives. If I could have inspired even one person before making a big decision, even without knowing it, it would be very rewarding.

Rosanna Tang Executive Director, Head of Business Development Services & Head of Research Hong Kong Through my research career of almost 20 years, I wish my analyses to be a powerful voice that drives industry change by sharing insights and advocating progress. I hope to leave a lasting impact that contributes to a better world.

I’d like to leave with a legacy of helping people to find out their purpose of being, and to inspire others to live life with humility, gratitude and emotional intelligence.


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