How to Retrofit Americas

Buildings don’t use energy; the people who occupy and operate buildings use energy.

BEHAVIOR CHANGE It’s not just about changing the buildings to save energy. It’s about changing the mindsets of the people in them. From raising awareness about the benefits of renewable and efficient energy tactics to making sure the technologies installed are used properly—it’s up to us to change our behavior around the energy transition. Some examples of simple behavioral change include:

Ensuring occupants turn off lighting, heating and cooling after hours or at times of low occupancy.

Centralizing workplaces so that energy can be concentrated where the people are working.

Buying and using efficient appliances.

Identifying energy overuse or system failures and reporting them to the people operating and maintaining the building systems. Engaging with building occupants on energy reduction plans, like the use of signage, to indicate optimal systems and equipment operation within the building.

These measures indicate good sustainability practices and are usually associated with considerable operational energy savings in commercial buildings.


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