How to Retrofit Americas

LIGHTING SYSTEMS Retrofitting your lighting can dramatically improve your energy usage, and it’s often a quick win for a brighter tomorrow. LED LIGHTING Replacing existing lighting with low-energy LED lights, will significantly reduce the amount of energy required to light up a space. Savings on maintenance and replacement costs will also be achieved, due to the longer lifespan of LED lights. LOWER YOUR POWER DENSITY Design to the latest code of practice, or better, with lower power density. Lowering your power density means reducing wattage per square foot, while still maintaining the same light output (or lux level). LIGHT ONLY WHERE YOU NEED IT Design according to purpose by looking at how each space is used to determine how much lighting is required, and retrofit accordingly. Not every part of your building needs equal lighting. USE SMART CONTROLS Advanced sensory systems are an excellent way to employ smart devices, such as occupancy and daylight controls. They do all the thinking for you by responding to immediate lighting needs.


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