How to Retrofit Americas

RETRO-COMMISSIONING AND BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) OPTIMIZATION Existing buildings often don’t need to be completely renovated to make a big impact. Retro-commissioning brings out-of-sequence controls and mechanical components back to their original level of performance and remedies any operational deficiencies. A BMS optimization can then be used to improve the existing control strategies or adopt advanced control strategies that may not have been available or feasible when the building was built. This sequence takes into consideration the original design and specs of the building and addresses changes in space usage, occupancy and existing equipment since construction.

Did you know that anywhere from 40%-60% of a building’s annual energy use is related to the HVAC system?


Addressing HVAC efficiency may have the largest potential to achieve measurable energy and cost savings.

Continuous monitoring of the largest energy users within the HVAC system is a powerful tool to ensure high levels of performance and efficiency after the optimization.

Regularly performing energy audits can identify additional improvement areas and low- and no-cost conservation measures that reduce operating expenses and satisfy local legislative requirements.


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