How to Retrofit Americas

NEXT STEPS Retrofitting buildings isn’t always easy. There can be barriers to implementation, such as economic restrictions, regulatory challenges, lack of knowledge about what to do or how to do it, and social limitations. Our Sustainability Consultants can help you with: • Performing detailed energy audits and creating an energy strategy to guide the retrofit process. • Ongoing reporting to confirm the project will meet the goals and savings modeled in the business case. • Appropriate commissioning to ensure new systems are operating as intended. • Defining your ESG goals, removing barriers, finalizing design, appointing vendors and managing projects.

Conduct portfolio-wide asset management, asset condition assessments, desktop energy analysis and electrification studies to identify priority buildings

Portfolio Analysis

Select and carry out energy assessments to benchmark the asset and produce appropriate energy strategy for the retrofit

Energy Assessment

Appoint a design team and a contractor to carry out the retrofit

Building Retrofit

Once the retrofit is completed, ensure the building is managed to its full potential

Building Operation


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