The Future of Food Chains


Fundamental changes to the composition of the food chain network, as a result of dietary change, and structural changes are likely to impact both size of the cold chain market, and the function of the assets in use. As a result of re-shoring UK food supplies we are likely to see growth of cold storage units in proximity to key food production clusters. As we see an increase on overall increase in cold inventories, the requirement for modern cold storage is likely to increase.

the 1990’s and early 2000’s, as a result of gains in construction methods, many of these are inefficient when compared to modern solutions. As such in order to meet our sustainability targets, and reduce the emissions associated with food chains, significant investment is required in order to upgrade old assets, requiring a new wave of cold chain assets in the UK. The UK Cold Storage Federation suggests a newly built facility is up to 6x more efficient operationally, than a unit built during the 1990’s due to these gains.

Furthermore existing cold chain infrastructure is largely dated, relying on cold stores built during



Investor interest has increased over recent years, due to confidence in the markets underlying fundamentals and a shift towards long term income and secure returns. Transactional evidence in the real estate sense is largely limited due to the complexity of cold storage assets, significant opportunities exist through overcoming capacity and challenges relating to ageing stock and energy efficiency.

Cold storage and cold processing facilities are also likely to play a growing role within our diets, as we transition to alternative protein sources cold specific processes such as freeze blasting are likely to increase. Traditionally the cold chain focussed on the cold storage function, across a range of product types, but growing use of cold facilities for value added services such as blast freezing, quality testing. As of current just 15% of facilities in the United Kingdom offer blast freezing as an additional value

add service, we believe this figure is likely to rise substantially as a result of dietary change.



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