The Future of Food Chains



The way we live is changing. The global Covid-19 pandemic forced widespread adjustments to the way we work, live and play. The accepted ‘norms’ have been challenged, and for some, permanent changes have been made. However, independent of the seismic shifts to what were once deeply embedded lifestyle habits, one key pillar remains seemingly constant, food. However, supply chain pressures, changing consumer preferences and climate change are changing the way we produce transport and purchase food. While these pressures have brought a focus on the availability and price of food as of the present day, the megatrends of deglobalization, technological advancement and climate change will see an evolution of food chains across the globe, through our cities and on to our table. This report looks at four long-term macro trends that are highly likely and, in some instances, certain to impact future food chains. By understanding the drivers behind these trends and interpreting the likely real estate impacts we have arrived at our vision for the Food Chains of 2040, detailing the relevance for real estate along the way.

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