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Introducing: TenantSee One One service - One price for the discovery, definition and implementation of your modern workplace.

Creating Your Modern Workplace.

The pandemic forced us out of our offices. It taught us that we can be productive without them. But it also clarified that physical space is superior to virtual space in the important contexts of collaborative work, mentorship, relationship building and culture building. The modern office is being reinvented. It is becoming a better version of its former self, more purposeful and focused. The workplace journey no longer begins at “where”. It starts at “why”. Why have an office?

It’s About People… Your People. The choices you make about workplace will have a material impact on your employees’ productivity, health and happiness. Your workplace will make it easier or harder for you to attract and retain talent. The best solutions will relate very specifically to the needs and desires of your employees. Learning about your employees requires more than issuing a survey about WFH vs. coming to the office. We’ve refined the process of discovering what drives your employees to a science. We call this science Experience per Square Foot. It’s a sophisticated data gathering and analysis resource that shifts the focus of workplace spending from guess work to evidence-based. This is where TenantSee One begins your workplace journey. Here you can find more information about Experience per Square Foot.

If You Build It, They May Not Come.

Talent has more say in where and how they work than ever before. Understanding the demographic profiles of your labor cohorts, the macro and micro trends driving their behavior, the mobility patterns, etc. is vital to crafting a winning workplace strategy. Labor analytics is a key element of the TenantSee One service. Click HERE, HERE and HERE for examples of work product from our Labor Analytics team.

Follow the Data… Your Data.

Once we’ve gathered all the essential data about your employees and the labor markets, we analyze it and organize it into key findings which help define your workplace strategy. TenantSee One replaces guesswork with data so you can implement your workplace strategy with confidence.

Which Technology Matters. The modern workplace is full of technology. But it’s not easy to know which technologies are right for you. TenantSee One includes unbiased recommendations of key technologies from our technology experts who focus exclusively on workplace tech. HERE is an example of work product from our Workplace Technology team.

Data + Insights = Correct Strategy.

After we gather, assess and prioritize the data, our workplace consultants build your custom workplace strategy. This is the playbook for implementing and managing your global workplace. It includes cost/benefit analytics, space design/FF&E recommendations, technology recommendations, budgets, schedules and much more. HERE is an example of the quality of work found within our Workplace Strategy.

Its All About Implementation. TenantSee One uses TenantSee’s award-winning project execution and portfolio management technology platform to manage all facets of project execution. HERE is an example of a dashboard from the TenantSee platform.

Measure. Measure. Measure. The journey does not end when we secure your space. It begins. It’s important to measure each site’s performance over time. Successful real estate solutions must flex with the business they serve.

OK, But What’s It Cost.

TenantSee One is transparently priced. Front-end consulting (XSF, Labor, Tech, Workplace) costs between $100,000 and $200,000 (scope dependent). We reimburse 100% of the front-end consulting through future transaction fees.

Learn More. To learn more please contact: Greg Fogg CA Lic #01060589 greg.fogg@cushwake.com 415-515-8700

Samantha S. Low CA Lic #02023669 samantha.low@cushwake.com 415-271-5850

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