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TENANT EXPERIENCE PROGRAM Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield is our premier program for investors seeking to find the right balance of space types and use, programming and experiences that activate those spaces, and technology to drive engagement and insight. We understand that not all buildings are the same and not all investors have the same goals. Our ability to listen, learn and react to the specific needs for each property before recommending a program sets us apart and results in a distinctive sense of place for your property. Presence by Cushman & Wakefield is backed by technology that fits your needs and existing systems while driving operational efficiencies. While every workplace is adapting to change, they’re not all changing the same way – nor should they!


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Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Engaging experiences and a strong sense of place

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Creating a workplace of choice

Some assets — and their tenants — need a comprehensive approach with the highest level of service, lifestyle amenities, and leading-edge tech tools. Others want a more straightforward approach delivering best in-class basics. Presence by Cushman & Wakefield provides a personalized experience for all clients.

Flex Offerings Investors and tenants alike are seeking to rebalance the workplace ecosystem across traditional office, flex office, third places, and working from home. Cushman & Wakefield has the consultative expertise to help design the right mix of spaces for your property and tenancy, and a partnership with the industry’s leading flex and amenity operator, WeWork, to reach the optimal execution of your vision. Engaging Experience Experience and a strong sense of place have the power to make the workplace a destination. We create experiences that activate a space, and for tenants, are worth leaving home for – providing value, meaning, interest, and excitement. Our experience managers help create a vibrant and connected community. Custom Technology Our technology assessment provides you with a whole building tech solution that supports building operations, property management, and a tenant experience accessible from anywhere. We start with an unbiased analysis of your building operations and existing technology, and a focus on the most efficient integration across access control, work order management, visitor management, and tenant communications. We assess dining, amenity, and flex space offerings and how tech can make them easily accessible for tenants. Once we’ve determined how a tenant app can support those needs, we recommend a customized solution that will work best at your property and within your budget.

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Enhancing Engagement through Tenant Experience Programming

Engaging experiences and a strong sense of place have the power to make the workplace a destination worthy of returning to. As tenants seek opportunities for collaboration, convenience, and social connection in the workplace, our tenant experience program focuses on curating custom experiences that provide value, meaning, interest, and excitement.


Tenant App Management

Tenant Digital Newsletter

Amenity Services: Planning & Organization

Tenant Experience Program Onboarding

Events: Planning & Organization

Events: Vendor Sourcing

Oversight & Management of Tenant Engagement Budget

Social Media Management

KPI Tracking & Reporting

Opportunities for collaboration, convenience, and social connection in the workplace

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield


TAILORED EVENTS AND EXPERIENCE TO ACTIVATE SPACES, ENGAGE OCCUPANTS, AND DRIVE REVENUE. Our program is led by experience managers who partner with the client and property management team to develop and manage unique, tailored programming that activates a building with amenity services and events – creating engaging opportunities to drive tenant engagement, connections, and wellness.

Creating Spaces

Developing Amenity Services & Events

Curating Programming

Connecting Local Community

Services and events that are provided within the building

Activation of space with amenity services and events to drive tenant engagement and wellness, and connect with the local community

Physical space in which amenity services are offered

The surrounding neighborhood and impact of the building and tenants on the local ecosystem










Powered by Cushman &Wakefield, Enabled by Technology

Buildings aren’t one size fits all and neither are technology solutions. Cushman & Wakefield partners with the best innovators to provide our clients with solutions that align with their specific property’s goals and needs. The right technology paired with the right level of service and support are key in providing tenants a seamless experience that makes coming into the office easy, engaging, and enjoyable. Our process starts with an unbiased analysis of your building operations with a focus on access control, work order management, visitor management, and tenant communications. We evaluate the specific building needs around dining, amenities, and flex space and how we can pair the right technology to accomplish your goals and make them easily accessible for tenants. Once we have completed our interactive evaluation process, we help you select the best solution that is within your budget and best for your property.

Technology Evaluation Factors & Process

Building Operations Audit & Analysis

Budget & Pricing Analysis

Recommendation & Implementation Plan


Tech Partnerships

Cushman & Wakefield works with the industry’s leading tenant engagement applications and have established relationships and working knowledge of the technology options available.

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

Where people work is often a matter of choice, influenced by factors like convenience, flexibility, wellness, culture, and connection. With Presence by Cushman &Wakefield, we create meaningful opportunities for people to make the most of their workplace experience. Presence by CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD

Presence by Cushman & Wakefield is delivered locally but built on a global breadth of experience and infrastructure. Our services are led by dedicated leaders in property management and backed by the best in industry thought leadership, research, data and analytics. Find out what Cushman & Wakefield can provide for your properties. Presence by Cushman & Wakefield

About Cushman & Wakefield Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) is a leading global real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate occupiers and owners. Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest real estate services firms with approximately 50,000 employees in 400 offices and 60 countries. In 2021, the firm had revenue of $9.4 billion across core services of property, facilities and project management, leasing, capital markets, valuation and other services. To learn more, visit www.cushmanwakefield.com or follow @CushWake on Twitter.

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