Tailor Your Business in Lodz 2023


Ł ódź is my city and home to the Łódź Special Economic Zone, of which I am president and which has for years been ranked as one of the world’s top ten. We enjoy top ranking positions because we are exceptionally successful at attracting investors and have created an ecosystem for companies. Łódź is a very good place to do business. Its orbital transportation route - perhaps the best solution in the whole of Poland - is ideal for logistics and industrial projects. It enables every entrepreneur, employee and manager to easily reach a company’s office or any other destination. And those without a car can use the train services of the large Łódź Metropolitan Railway network. However, in addition to excellent connectivity, we have other advantages too. The cluster of companies within the Łódź Special Economic Zone clearly shows that we are making progress towards service professionalisation - both in hard business and in production. This process is supported by the growing local scientific infrastructure and high quality tertiary education institutions producing increasingly specialised graduates. The Łódź Special Economic Zone also aims to address market needs – that’s why four years ago we decided to open the first Polish Automation and Robotics Secondary School. Our cooperation on this project with market-leading companies and the Łódź University of Technology has already brought meaningful results – in June the school produced its first graduates who had mastered specialist technological skills and are ready for new challenges. This is how we are building a network of business and scientific contacts and educating young people in new technologies. Youth and innovation are firmly embedded in the Łódź Special Economic Zone. In addition to the secondary school, we also strongly support start-ups, that is businesses which frequently reach new heights in terms of creativity and innovation. We support Polish and international start-ups in developing good ideas and guide them through all the formalities. TAILOR YOUR BUSINESS IN ŁODŹ | PUBLICATION BY CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD



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