Tailor Your Business in Lodz 2023


A HOLISTIC SYNERGY This marketing slogan is - without a trace of exaggeration - more than fitting for Central Poland. The region boasts a unique synergy of modern production spaces, big-box distribution centres for e-commerce, including the largest global fashion platforms and marketplaces, as well as logistics facilities operated by the world’s leading third-party logistics providers (3PLs). All these elements act on one another much like a lever known from physics textbooks - they strengthen one another to increase their scale and impact to create a holistic ecosystem.


It enables B4B and B4C distribution to more than a dozen European countries where businesses and customers can receive parcels the next day thanks to excellent 3PL services. No other Polish region has created such a wealth of opportunities for both manufacturing and e-commerce or contract logistics. It provides opportunities to arrange “just-in-time” or “just-in-sequence” deliveries, typical distribution, reverse logistics and re-commerce which has been recently growing. This is possible thanks to the presence of modern infrastructure (more than 30% of its warehouse stock was built in the last three years) and, most importantly, of business partners who are active in the area and are able to build a self-regulating logistics system that operates like a well-oiled machine from day one, without any delay associated with ramp-up. It could even be as efficient as the machines of Ludwik Geyer, Karl Scheibler or Ludwik Grohman mentioned in the introduction, which contributed to the enduring legacy of Łódź and Central Poland that allows us to continue to paint a positive outlook for the region.

Damian Kołata Partner, Head of Industrial & Logistics | Poland Head of E-Commerce | CEE Cushman & Wakefield

Katarzyna Misztal Negotiator Industrial & Logistics Department Cushman & Wakefield

Renata Krzyżanowska Associate Industrial & Logistics Department Cushman & Wakefield


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