Tailor Your Business in Lodz 2023


Business development from the Miele perspective WWhy did the company set its business in the Łódzkie region? Ł ódź is located in the heart of Poland, naturally positioning it as a central logistics and distribution hub. The city is intersected by important highways, express roads, and railway lines, enabling swift and easy access to key domestic and European markets. The city and businesses in the region are actively investing in infrastructure development, including the construction of modern industrial parks and logistics centers. This is particularly attractive for companies looking to initiate or expand operations in Central Europe. The Łódź region boasts a long history of industrial production, especially in the household appliances sector, which translates to access to experienced workers and suppliers. This makes it an appealing location for manufacturing companies, including Miele, which has been heavily investing in its washing machine production facility in Ksawerów since 2018. There are plans underway to launch the second segment. Łódź is home to numerous higher education institutions, including the Łódź University of Technology, the University of Łódź, and many other educational institutions. They provide a steady influx of highly qualified employees, especially in the fields of engineering, logistics, and production, and serve as a talent pool for management positions.


Labor costs in Łódź and Poland are lower compared to Western European countries. This can be a significant advantage for companies looking to reduce operational expenses.

Furthermore, local and regional authorities are eager to collaborate closely with investors to facilitate market entry and navigate through administrative processes.

All of these factors make Łódź an excellent place for business development, friendly and open to investors, both those already present in the market and those considering investing in the region.

Tomasz Kowalski Managing Director– Ksawerów Plant (KS/WL)


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