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CROSS-CITY TUNNEL T he cross-city tunnel which is currently under construction will run across the centre of Łódź and connect key inner-city railway stations: Łódź Widzew, Łódź Fabryczna, Łódź Kaliska and Łódź Żabieniec. The new underground link will provide access to new train services and improve local and national passenger and cargo transport. This would mean less vehicles on the road and better railway connections between the key stations. This infrastructure project presents significant growth opportunities not only for Łódź,

TRANSLOADING TERMINAL but also for the whole region. It is likely to see Łódź grow into a major railway hub in Poland and to open up new opportunities for railway carriers to provide new and faster regional and long-distance train services. The cross-city tunnel is scheduled for completion in 2024, with trains expected to begin running through it in 2025. A multimodal terminal is a widely available platform where shipments are transferred from one mode of transportation to another. There are several types, including road-rail, rail-sea and road-inland waterway terminals. Modern terminals and multimodal nodes are essential links in the supply chain. They are part of an integrated transportation system based on intermodal cooperation and making the best of each mode to optimize costs and transportation processes. The terminal in Łódź is one of the largest in Poland, greatly contributing to the promotion of the region. The project , which is being developed in the Teofilów district, will certainly boost economic activity in this part of the city, with companies gaining access to logistics services and likely to see their competitiveness improve. It will be a strong advantage for new investors, especially for those from the food sector, because the terminal will feature special refrigerating units making it suitable for storing reefer containers. The transloading terminal in Kutno is also of great importance for the whole of Poland and can serve as a model for such projects. It is the first fully functional logistics and transloading facility, which handles cargo shipped to and from the centre of Poland east, west, north and south.





Frankfurt (Oder)


Kutno Teofilów




Brzeg Dolny




Source: “Intermodal a green way” PCC Intermodal Graphic design: Cushman & Wakefield Benefiting from its location in central Poland, the Łódź province continues to attract new transport projects having a positive impact on its economy. The region is an important transloading hub for container transport, as evidenced by completed and ongoing projects.


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