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Our Approach

Relocation Objectives C&W will work with Syniverse to understand and meet all criteria for a relocation. OBJECTIVES WILL INCLUDE: • Control & reduce occupancy costs • Achieve flexibility for future growth or contraction • Maximize space efficiency & design that complements the corporate culture We will explore all possible opportunities that would create a beneficial headquarters for Syniverse. Market Leverage We have completed the largest, most complex deals in this market. Our extensive experience in the Tampa Bay market affords our team the ability to understand market dynamics and create leverage that will benefit Syniverse. We will take into consideration the current market trends, including impacts of the pandemic on market dynamics. With limited large blocks of space available, C&W will work to uncover any “off market” or creative opportunities that may be a fit for Syniverse’s new headquarters. Our relationships in the market, knowledge about other tenants, and experience with all major landlords will allow us to position Syniverse for success. Timing & Coordination It will be critical to the project’s success to coordinate the timing between any potential sublease, buyout agreement, and relocation to a new location in the market. In parallel, C&W will work with JLM Partners and Syniverse to hone in on opportunities for relocation in the 50,000 - 70,000 SF range that meet the company’s timing requirements. We will create and manage a project timeline to ensure that each milestone and requirement along the way is met in a timely fashion, including any internal approval processes. We have an in-depth, integrated team including financial analytic support, capital markets, project management, and marketing resources that will allow us to be efficient and effective in subleasing or negotiating a potential buyout, and securing a new location for Syniverse. Sublease Efforts To ensure we have the greatest success in subleasing Syniverse’s Highwoods Preserve Headquarters, we have assembled one strategic C&W team of experienced real estate professionals to represent Syniverse on this important assignment. C&W has the greatest market share of office leasing throughout Tampa Bay, providing knowledge and access to a deep pool of tenants around the globe. We will leverage our network and relationships to ensure that this sublease space receives exposure market-wide, as well as with out-of-market tenant requirements. We will formulate a strategy to best position the asset for disposition, securing competitive and favorable sublease terms to yield maximum value for Syniverse. We are poised to implement our best-in-class marketing and technology, to reach a broad target audience and create visibility in the market for Syniverse. We are highly responsive, prepared with proven leasing tools, and positioned to move forward and engage the market as soon as possible. Engagement with Incumbent Landlord C&W understands that JLM Partners has already engaged Syniverse’s current landlord, TPG Real Estate. We will coordinate with JLM Partners to keep open lines of communication with TPG Real Estate. C&W will position Syniverse for a potential buyout negotiation as an opportunity for TPG or a future buyer of the Highwoods Preserve building.

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