Syniverse FRI

Wednesday, February 9, 22

All information and agreements resulting from this RFI are preliminary. Syniverse or JLM Partners has no obligation to Co-Broker until a formal agreement is executed, or a written authorization to proceed is given by Syniverse. Any costs incurred by Co-Broker before the signed agreement is at the Co-Broker ’s sole expense. Syniverse and JLM Partners reserves the right to revise and/or issue addenda to the RFI. Syniverse and JLM Partners also reserves the right to cancel or to reissue the RFI in whole or in part prior to execution of a contract. We look forward to your response to the items identified in this RFI. Please respond on or before February 10, 2022. Please direct all communications to Jim McCormick. Thank you. Sincerely,

Jim McCormick Senior Managing Partner JLM Partners, LLC Tel. 410.336.6300

cc: Julio Patino Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities Syniverse Technologies

Dale Schlather Vice Chairman Cushman & Wakefield New York, NY

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