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Fees Brokerage Fees

Cushman & Wakefield will always yield to a “fair market” fee approach which is based on market customs, taking into account the scope and nature of the assignment. The following fees are based on established markets in Florida and may vary from market to market, depending on the assignment.

BROKERAGE FEES Sublease: Up to 6% of the total gross sublease value

(to be equitably divided by sublandlord broker and subtenant broker) If no outside broker is involved, fee shall be 4% of the total gross sublease value.

Termination/Lease Buyout: 4% of the total rental savings

In all cases, Cushman & Wakefield will disclose the terms of any commission or compensation arrangement related to a transaction completed on behalf of Syniverse.

Cushman & Wakefield agrees all fees to be paid by landlord/sublandlord per a separately agreed upon listing/representation agreement.

Cushman & Wakefield agrees Lead Co-Broker and Local Co-Broker are to share customary fees 50%/50% paid by landlord/sublandlord in Local Market, per separate Co-Broker agreement to be supplied by Lead Co-Broker.

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