Starfire Energy Proposal



Design Oversight • Determine the responsibility for core & shell design team, and document roles and responsibilities for the work, including coordination thereof. • Provide advice on developer selection and engagement of architectural and engineering (“A&E”) team and related consultants to ensure compliance with all project goals and objectives. • Identify long lead items in the design process to facilitate developer and Starfire’s vendors conforming to project schedule. • Manage, as required, Starfire’s architects, engineers, and vendors and coordinate their work with developer’s project team. • Work with Starfire and developer to create and implement a list of sustainability goals and strategies for the project to obtain Starfire’s desired LEED (or other) certification level, as required. • Represent Starfire in reviewing and commenting on all design documents prepared by developer and coordinate the implementation of any changes requested by Starfire and report any impacts on budget and schedule. • Present applicable drawings, plans, specifications and designs for approval by Starfire. • Work with the developer and Starfire’s project team to produce a tenant-work schedule including all development work, utilities and Tenant Improvements to establish a firm, realistic occupancy date. Development Construction Oversight • Determine the responsibility for Core & Shell Construction and expected deliverables, document roles and responsibilities for the work, including coordination thereof.

• Coordinate Starfire’s involvement throughout the contractor selection, bidding, and construction processes to enable positive engagement, buy-in to results, necessary support and responsive decision making as required to support the demands of the project. • Initiate a reporting procedure and receive regular periodic reports from the developer in agreed format covering project process, issues, budget, and schedule. • Inform and guide negotiations along with Starfire’s counsel to reach agreement with the developer on completion guarantees that include a GMP from the contractor, budget guarantees for costs outside the GMP, commitments to critical schedule parameters, and clear definition of the ultimate product to be delivered. • Attend the regular meetings at the job site to include all Starfire and contractor representatives and consultants, as appropriate. Discuss job progress. Track and record decisions. Review the progress for work and services being performed and of goods provided for the project. Report critical issues to the Client and recommend action to be taken. • Review the construction documents, shop drawings, product data, and samples proposed by the developer for compliance with the client’s requirements, coordinating detailed review, and approval by Starfire, as appropriate. • Coordinate with developer in the selection of independent testing and commissioning agencies. As appropriate, coordinate their work, and/or review their reports and make recommendations regarding their findings. • Review change orders proposed by the developer and make recommendations to Starfire regarding approval.

Proposal for Real Estate Services STARFIRE ENERGY 25

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