Starfire Energy Proposal



Building Design & Requirements • Source & engage planning, architectural, and engineering consultants to prepare detailed program requirements following industrial planning activities. • Verify project goals surrounding cost, schedule, and physical requirements through a series of structured meetings with Starfire. • Identify major project constraints including entitlement, traffic, geotechnical, environmental, permitting and utility issues. Feasibility Analysis • Assist Starfire in engaging, managing, and contracting with Starfire’s consultant(s) to identify and evaluate technical issues that may impact the project. • Engage and manage Starfire’s consultants to investigate and recommend course(s) of action to development alternatives including zoning issues, environmental actions, architectural design, and construction issues that may impact the project development. • Assist with initial financial and development analyses and sensitivities regarding development options and opportunities and make recommendations based upon the potential risk and return for the various alternative development schemes. Site Selection • Assist transaction team with evaluating proposed sites and make appropriate recommendations. • Manage site due diligence including onboarding Starfire’s vendors and service providers for site survey, zoning, FAR/density, environmental, geo-technical, traffic, wetland/flood plain, storm water and site utilities.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT (#1 – 4) Following Project Closeout, Erik will then take the lead locally by commencing the Development Management process, which includes the services below: Administration • Schedule regular project meetings where an ongoing review of the project is presented to the Starfire’s designated representatives. • Represent Starfire in negotiations and completion of contract terms and legal documents. • Prepare & periodically update a detailed project budget to include legal fees, site development costs, permit and governmental impact fees, design and soft costs, and construction, while also recommending appropriate levels of contingency to carry during each phase of the project. • Prepare and periodically update a project schedule. • Attend and represent Starfire’s interests in project meetings and presentations, while also reporting critical issues to Starfire and recommending actions to be taken by Starfire. • Initiate a reporting procedure and provide Starfire with regular reports in an agreed upon format on project progress and schedule. • Maintain project records including file correspondence, directives, and meeting minutes. • Maintain a record of contracts, drawings and specifications, technical standards and operating manuals. • Explain important project-related issues before critical project decisions are made

Proposal for Real Estate Services STARFIRE ENERGY 23

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