Starfire Energy Proposal



Collaborative Workshop The Collaborative Workshop is a highly unique tool which combines Jon’s extensive knowledge and unique experience with process driven technical operations, his ability to plan process driven requirements, and the specific knowledge of the user. This iterative tool provides stakeholders a broader range of possible solutions for consideration in real-time as solutions are prepared digitally and projected on the screen. This not only builds confidence in the final solution but also accelerates the schedule and avoids the typical issues during design and construction of technical assembly, manufacturing and process driven spaces. During the Collaborative Workshops, the proposed location and orientation of the equipment and functional areas are displayed on the screen in a room with the stakeholders. The process begins by discussing what current operations work well, what the existing constraints are, perceived opportunities, and future expansion requirements, etc. In addition, Jon will define and discuss the functional areas, the equipment, and the operational and environmental requirements. Utilizing AutoCAD, Jon will lead the team through six workshops to demonstrate possible solutions for consideration, brainstorming and visioning. Each workshop will be three to four hours duration. The process, assembly and ancillary equipment will be placed and oriented to show the arrangement of equipment, required clearances, process flows, adjacencies, WIP and movement of staff between functional areas, loading of raw material, egress, etc. Each solution will be discussed and evaluated as the equipment is placed in the plan live on the screen and manipulated in real-time based on input from the team. As the options and alternates are worked through a cohesive plan will emerge. Additional ideas will be considered as the plan is confirmed and finalized. As we plan, we also consider

constructability, general cost drivers, building codes and phasing which makes the final plan completely viable. Once the plan is finalized it will provide the basis for completion of these areas by the Architect of Record. No effort is included for the offices and other ancillary areas except as noted above. After the planning is complete, Jon will provide pricing notes on the final plans which can be used to prepare a realistic project cost and schedule early in the life of the project by Erik Petersen, based here in Denver. In addition, Jon will provide our CAD file to members of the team for their exclusive use without cost assuming our CAD file release document is agreed to and signed by all parties. This allows the delivery team to quickly engage in the project and help reduce the overall schedule. It is understood that manufacturing and process driven facilities often have hazardous materials that exceed the limits of the Building Codes and potentially become H-occupancies. Since this cannot be determined until the hazardous materials are classified and a report prepared, we assume for planning purposes the occupancies will be B, F and S only. Project Closeout After completion of the scope above and issuance of documents for costing and scheduling, Jon Zimmerman will be available for questions and other general assistance. After this, the scope of this proposal will be complete.

22 STARFIRE ENERGY Proposal for Real Estate Services

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