Starfire Energy Proposal



SITE SELECTION While we recognize an exhaustive multi-state site selection process may not be necessary for this requirement, we chose to highlight C&W’s capabilities should Starfire request assistance upon commencing the project. C&W’s site selection process incorporates hundreds of data points into market screening and score-carding. Per our understanding, business incentives & land / real estate viability considerations are of utmost importance to Starfire. We’ve outlined this criteria along with some additional key site selection categories here (note this list is not exhaustive and can be customized to Starfire’s specific drivers).



Materiality and application of business incentives Cost of labor for each relevant hiring category Cost of real estate and capital improvements Transport costs Cost of utilities Corporate tax environment: income, sales, property taxes Business friendly climate

Cost & Ease of Doing Business

Proximity to large clients Proximity to natural resources Supply Chain considerations: supplier/customer locations Supply Chain considerations: proximity to transportation/rail/ports/etc.

Accessibility & Supply Chain

Availability of viable real estate solutions Timeline of permitting process

Speed to Market

Developer readiness Overall Infrastructure Non-financial government incentives: land grants, expedited permitting, utilities/infrastructure, etc.

Natural hazard/disaster risk Humidity Availability of water and other critical resources

Natural Environment

Key labor pool size by market for each relevant hiring category Key labor pool density by market for each relevant hiring category Hiring competition and presence of competitors/peer companies Job postings vs hiring volume by market


Skills assessment: detailed talent insights to identify current and future skills gaps and competitor analysis Diversity - presence of underrepresented communities and women in key hiring categories in market Submarket trends - commute patterns, density of talent, etc. Higher education pipeline: number of graduates, collaboration opportunities, trade programs, upskilling, etc.

Proposal for Real Estate Services STARFIRE ENERGY 15

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