Retail Asset Services Optimisation White Paper


Our data-driven approach to asset services means that we are constantly trialling and implementing best-in-class technology for the retail assets we manage. Whether this is intelligent building systems to improve ESG performance, or customer experience technology to drive customer loyalty and revenue, digital lease documentation platforms to create efficiencies or AI, we ensure our clients have the latest insights to assist with decision making. Building customer loyalty lies at the heart of our approach to retail management. We understand how to curate the customer experience both on-site and pre- and post activities through omnichannel strategies. We deploy customer experience technology to help our clients achieve an authentic customer experience relevant to the local community in which the asset is located. This consistently results in increased footfall, retail turnover and operating income. We know sustainability plans are only as good as their ability to be executed. Our in-house ESG team not only designs sustainability strategies but has the skilled experts on the ground to execute them. We are making practical changes to existing buildings every day to improve their sustainability performance as well as their social impact in the community. From sustainability strategies, to compliance, managing climate risk, driving operational efficiency and delivering net zero, we ensure our clients are making a positive impact on our planet as well as their portfolio.

We know that the performance of a retail asset is dependent upon a symbiotic relationship between the owner, retailer and customer. Too often asset management strategies don’t take into account the requirements of these three stakeholders. We work hard to make sure we build long term, sustainable value to the asset by working closely with owners, retailers and customers.





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