Retail Asset Optimisation


SC KOOPGOOT SHOPPING CENTRE ROTTERDAM, AMSTERDAM The Koopgoot Shopping Centre in Rotterdam has a strong social impact and community engagement position that has resulted in increased customer loyalty and demand. A range of initiatives have been implemented in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These include a focus on attracting retailers with ESG goals that are aligned with the centre. One such retailer, Wear, whose ethos is built on a sustainable production chain, offers customers refurbished sneakers. The partnership with Wear not only attracted a new target audience to the centre but also created new employment opportunities for untapped labour sources.

Another area of focus was activating the asset in partnership with social enterprises. Examples include an open-air art exhibition focused on health, with an objective of attracting students who might be interested in building a career in the health sector and partnering with retailers who are in or adjacent to the sector. Other engagement programs with local schools were implemented, as well providing special birthday experiences to children of economically disadvantaged families. All of these activities have forged stronger ties between SC Koopgoot, the local community and municipality Koopgoot Sc organized the Job Shop (job fair) to support retailers in finding new employees. Together with the municipality and local employment agency we recruited potential candidates with an off- and online marketing strategy. With this partnership (25 retailers) we recruited more than 100 collegues.



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