Q1 2021 Engage in Tampa Bay

ST. PETERSBURG Established companies as well as agile ones in the tech sector choose to locate in St. Petersburg, one of the top four high-tech employment centers in the nation, because of the ever-expanding, highly skilled workforce. The influx of data analytics professionals, programmers, and fintech employees combined with the city’s strong emphasis on STEM education and infrastructure advancements fosters an environment where businesses can thrive. St. Pete is the perfect place to live, work and play with a bustling downtown, waterfront activities and multiple recreational options. ( discoverdowntown.com )

Office Inventory (Class A): 1.5M SF

Total Submarket Population: 8,060

Hotel / Lodging: 25 Establishments

Residential: 6,779 Housing Units

Direct Average Rental Rate (Class A): $31.22

Food / Beverages: 101 Establishments

Cushman & Wakefield


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