Our Story… San Francisco, 2017: A small, highly experienced, tenant advisory team working within global real estate powerhouse, Cushman & Wakefield, sets out to design a better approach to tenant real estate. The team believes tenants lack critical knowledge when making leasing decisions, translating to lower employee engagement through the workplace – this is the core problem they look to solve. They quickly realize the need for better organized teams of subject matter experts, coordinated and delivered to each project to ensure efficient, timely acquisition of critical knowledge. Further, they discover the ability to express their approach through powerful technology, providing one place for both customer and practitioner to see and manage all data. TenantSee is born.

Searching is hard … when you don’t know what you’re looking for. TenantSee helps customers create their optimal outcome before going to market.

Leasing is complex. Quality results require input from multiple subject matter experts, including finance, design, construction, project management, legal and markets.

Seeing is believing. Visually intuitive dashboards bring data, analytics and results to life. The TenantSee platform provides customers one place to see and manage all data and processes.

Resources matter. TenantSee draws from Cushman & Wakefield’s vast tenant services, innovated and evolved over the firm’s 100+ year history and global scale.

Learn more: www.tenantsee.co

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