Tell us a little more about you: I studied law in Germany and France and worked as a lawyer in Hamburg and New York. After gaining experience in this field, I joined Arthur Andersen in Hamburg, working in the Tax Department with Real Estate clients and later switched to building the group’s Real Estate Service line. From there I joined Ernst & Young, with responsibility for Real Estate in Northern Germany. I have now been with Cushman & Wakefield since 2006 and am still enjoying the working environment and my role here. Notable industry achievement: Contributing to the development of the company into one of the top three real estate firms worldwide. What’s something you’re most proud of? I lived with three girls, my wife and our two daughters, who have now grown to become active, confident and successful young women. What they have achieved in their lives and the fact that we seem to have done a good job of supporting them in this so far, makes me proudest. Is there a quote you live your life by? The harder you practice, the luckier you get.

What would most people be surprised to learn about you? I used to work as a doorman at a discotheque, today you would call it a Club, to finance my studies and spent every Friday and Saturday night working until 6 a.m. the next morning. I learned a lot about human nature and how to communicate with people. I was also a very successful 800m runner - although luckily that was a talent I never had to put into practice while working as a doorman! Why do you enjoy working at Cushman & Wakefield and in the commercial real estate industry? My team and the other people I work with. Sometimes it is tough, but it is also fun and a constant source of energy working with them.

Dr. Michael Thiele International Partner Head of GOS Germany Location: Hamburg

Michael with his core GOS team in Hamburg.

Michael with his two daughters.


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