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A Workday Experience in 2040


THE SCENE IN 2040 It is the year 2040. Age old mindsets have been dismantled and the gig economy is in full swing. Governments connectivity has made workers more mobile and economies have become more flexible and dynamic. More than 60% of the world’s population now live in cities, crammed into less than 3% of the world’s land area. The pressure on resources will entail a new paradigm in smart urban planning. have revamped regulations for the digital economy. Enhanced

A new wave of computerisation and digitalisation has revolutionised the service sector, eliminating 47% of jobs in the last two decades and changing organisations from within. The core of the organisation has shrunk as most manpower requirements are outsourced. In this new era, the focus will be on human interaction and the need for workers with high emotional intelligence. Work will increasingly take place in the third place; social surroundings with community life, cafes, and co-working spaces.

As such, things are changing quickly for the typical workday, worknight, and workhour. How will we want to work in an era where we can be in the driver's seat? How can we build workplaces in perspective of the user in a world where work, shop, and play is blurred? How will we navigate the space daily in future? And what does this mean for Corporate Real Estate? To build a better future, we must first imagine it.

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