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The proposed B&R initiative grand infrastructure plan

The Belt and Road initiative: Will it reshape global trade?

The plan was revealed in September and October 2013 in pronouncements disclosing the SREB and MSR, separately. The strategy underscores China’s drive to take a larger role in global affairs, and its wish to synchronise economic activity with other countries. To cap it all, overseas corporations are also expected to see business opportunities come their way via the B&R initiative. As further details of the initiative are revealed, success will greatly depend on thorough due diligence on what the grand plan is all about and marrying any expected opportunities with any business leadership advantage(s) they enjoy. The B&R initiative is planned to encompass six overland routes and one oceangoing route: >> The New Eurasian Land Bridge: Traveling between western China and western Russia >> The China–Mongolia–Russia Corridor: Traveling between northern China and eastern Russia >> The China–Central Asia–West Asia Corridor: Traveling between western China and Turkey >> The China–Indochina Peninsula Corridor: Traveling between southern China and Singapore >> The China–Bangladesh–India–Myanmar Corridor: Traveling between southern China and India >> The China–Pakistan Corridor: Traveling between south-western China and Pakistan


New Eurasian Landbridge

China Mongolia Russia Corridor

China Central Asia West Asia Corridor

China Pakistan Corridor

Maritime Silkroad

China Bangladesh India Corridor

China Indochina Corridor

The scale of the initiative is immense, encompassing around 60 countries and chiefly covering Asian and European regions. In the plan, the regions of Oceania and East Africa will also be integrated. Investment needed for the overall initiative to be fully operational is anticipated to cost between U.S. $4 trillion and U.S. $8 trillion.

The one oceangoing route will be:

>> The Maritime Silk Road (MSR): Traveling between the coast of China via Singapore to the Mediterranean Sea


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