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HELSINKI, FINLAND: Versions of a driverless bus, the Easymile EZ-10, recently


Although legislation regarding the testing of self- driving cars on public roads has been restrictive and complex within the European Union to date, road testing of autonomous vehicles is still taking place with several countries making incremental progress on the driverless front.

roamed suburban Helsinki during a month-long trial.


GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN: Volvo plans to test 100 driverless cars in 2017 with testing limited to certified roads, weather limitations, no traffic lights, no pedestrians and no bicycles allowed.

PARIS: Self-driving buses were recently tested in Paris with the goal of having autonomous buses parked near overland train stations to shuttle travelers to and from their suburban homes.

LONDON: Nissan trialled autonomous technology in London this spring, using three LEAF electric cars. The GATEway project is trialling autonomous assessing a proposal to trial level 4 (high automation) technology as part of their ‘Drive Me London’ programme. pods on the Greenwich Peninsula; and Volvo is

SHANGHAI: This city created a 100-square-kilometer


Asia has been moving forward rapidly with its efforts to develop driverless cars and street networks as well. From Singapore to Shanghai to Tokyo, these countries are ahead of the curve when it comes to driverless technology.

closed course for testing of autonomous vehicles called the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Pilot Zone. Shanghai has ambitious goals, which include becoming a hub of 10,000 driverless vehicles by 2020.

TOKYO: In addition to doing trials with a modified Lexus GS autonomous vehicle on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway, Japanese leaders are working to outfit Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Summer Games with a self-driving vehicle force.

SINGAPORE: MIT-based NuTonomy has launched a self-driving taxi service in a 2.5 square mile area, while Delphi has an on-demand ride service on a dedicated test route, featuring six self-driving Audi SQ5s.


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