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Shopping made smarter… Advancements in technology have also helped retailers become smarter about their customers and what they truly want. For instance, location-aware technologies, such as GPS, geo-fencing and beacon technologies, can welcome the shopper back to the store and then trigger notifications such as mobile coupon offers based on which aisles a shopper has recently visited, as well as past purchase data. Combining these technologies with back-end analytics can provide retailers with much more information about their customers’ behaviours, preferences, and needs. Additionally, information collected from retail applications enables retailers to create a customised in-store shopping experience while also catering to the demands of an increasingly digital age. For example, a mobile app could allow consumers to tag an item they see in a store and have it immediately placed in their online shopping cart. In this case, the consumer benefits from in- person customer service, as well as the convenience of purchasing at home. Customer loyalty programmes are an effective way to market to a group of targeted customers by offering sales and discounts based on past purchases. When done correctly, target marketing based on data derived from a loyalty programme can drive many more customers into your store. Through advancements in technology, the whole retail experience has become much simpler, savvier, and smarter for both customers and retailers alike. And these changes aren’t about to slow down anytime soon. Whether you’re whipping together a party in minutes by having items sent to your home by drone or virtually trying on new looks at a local store event with friends, technology will continue to deliver unique and engaging experiences that will keep consumers coming back for more.

With the retail world continuing to evolve though advancements in technology, it is difficult for retailers to keep up. Cushman & Wakefield's newCommerce team offers a unique set of collaborative retail consulting services to help Retailers develop the best go-forward selling strategy for their needs – including the consumer- facing purchase experience, back-end logistics functions, and everything in between. Whether you're building a physical bricks-and-mortar presence, trying to optimise your distribution network, or choosing between self-perform fulfillment and third party, Cushman & Wakefield's newCommerce experts can help you find the right solution to maximise your infrastructure and offer your consumer the best shopping experience. Our track record partnering with hundreds of retailers to develop alternative ways to leverage their store and supply chain footprint is a market-leading resource.

step along the journey, simplifying the entire process. Good examples of retailers offering an omni-channel experience include Wal-Mart, who recently announced same day in-store pickup of items bought online, and Macy’s who recently installed a system that will integrate all of its inventory systems and give store associates almost complete visibility of the items available across all channels. Shopping made savvier… Advancements in technology have also allowed smart retailers to better customise the retail experience for the savvy customer. After all, the more interactive the experience, the more engaged the shopper will be. Interactive interfaces, augmented reality, and social media integration are just a few examples of the types of technology that create a unique experience for each individual consumer. From virtual mirrors that allow users to try on boots without actually putting them on their feet to window and storefront displays projected in 3D, these experiential retail trends are emerging in stores everywhere and making a real difference to the savvy consumer. The best part? Having the ability to interact with customers in real-time, providing them with more personalised and memorable experiences. Japanese- based retailer Uniqlo, for example, installed smart fitting rooms, allowing the shopper to choose the clothing they want to try on and then overlaying different colors to help them make the best choice. And Neiman Marcus now offers a digital ‘Memory Mirror’ in one of its stores that allows shoppers to view outfits side by side and then share snapshots with friends to solicit their feedback. How’s that for personalised service?


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